Can I become a Virgin again?

How to get back your virginity? What tips are the best? What does surgery look like? Is it difficult? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about hymenoplasty here!

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Most of our emotional needs are reduced to the only one meaningful formula in the live: the need for love. The top of the relations between man and woman is sexual intercourse. The temptation goes together with the desire and sexual dialogue. Women are ready to do a lot for him. Women are even ready to become virgin… again…

Can you get your virginity back?

Can you get your virginity

Hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy is one of the ‘tools’ how to get back your virginity. According to a lot of women, it’s a thankless task. However it is the only one way how you can get it back. So if you are looking for an answer to a question ‘how to get virginity back naturally’, you will not find it.

But is it really so necessary? ‘Theater’ of sex provides the variety of roles. Every woman loves saying the words: ‘my love, the only’. Every man is impressed by the fact that he was granted the right to open that private ‘doors’ into the world of sensual pleasures. According to the calculations of neurobiologists, the couple’s ‘desire’ lasts 90 days. Some more optimistic sexologists speak about a honeymoon with length of two years. According to their expiration, the passion dies. Someone sometimes needs to get it back.

What is your problem? The reasons, why girls want their virginity back

get your virginity back

1. A year ago, I decided in whatever it was to get rid of integrity. Soon I getting married and really want my wedding night to be perfect and to appear before my husband a virgin.

2. Family life has no emotional outbursts. I want to repeat our wedding night and honeymoon.

3. I want to once again become a virgin it is my quirk.

4. On the occasion of the 15-year wedding anniversary I decided to make a special gift for my husband.

When should you do the surgery?

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It should be clearly understood that hymenorrhaphy is not the return of virginity in the literal sense. No one can give you back what has been lost in the physical and biological sense. That natural hymen was a fragment of the vaginal mucosa - it cannot be regenerated. Hymenoplasty is a surgery, which creates ‘an illusion’. There are several surgical techniques.

Moreover, it is possible to be carried out several times – it is according to your wishes. Why do women do it? Modern women are sometimes unpredictable and paradoxical. Women's logic is a complex, multi-level conglomerate. The motivation for such a surgery can be beyond the expected. But during the consultation the motives become very clear. As it is known, sex assumes love for fantasies, reconstruction surgery may be one of them.

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It can be scheduled, as one of the newest things in sexual life. This happens too. Especially when the partners are on the same ‘sex wave’ and can perform the quirks of a loved one. There are other cases. Plastic surgery is the solution for the rape victims. It becomes obvious causal connection. If this has recently happened, the woman needs help of a psychologist and it’s on the first place. Oppressive memories can continue to ‘live’ in the body of a woman, even after a few years of violence.

Hymenorrhaphy is the ability to ‘erase’ a terrible event from the body, to get rid of the burden of psychological and physical trauma. Other patients simply want to eliminate the consequences of amorous adventures. Sometimes girls lose their virginity ‘by nonsense’ - not as they saw it in their dreams. That is why they want to do this surgery.

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Restoration of virginity is the surgery comes to the mind of the girls and young women for various reasons. As a rule, there can be religious motives (she belongs to an ethnic nation, there is the cult of virginity) or ethical point (desire to hide the sexual experience, which has been in the past from the beloved one).

Yet mostly the causes, why the patients are turning to the surgeon are very positive. No matter how old your alliance is. Year, five or twenty-five years. There is always something new.

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Hymenorrhaphy can become a ‘way’ to return the lost romance in a relationship. You can once become a virgin again and direct that ‘first’ romantic date from which you have started your relationship. ‘Deprivation’ of virginity after the surgery is even more exciting than at the first time. The main thing, that this event must be adequately performed. If you set yourself a task to appear before your man a virgin, and relive the moment of defloration - it is your right and desire. Or you may be afraid not to pass virginity test. The only indication for this surgery is the desire of the patient. Do not hesitate to talk about your sexual problems, you can get rid of the difficulties that are preventing you to live in harmony with yourself and your partner.

Types of hymenoplasty

Types of hymenoplasty

Currently reconstruction surgery is performed in two ways: the restoration of the damaged hymen (refloratsiya, short-term reconstruction surgery) or stitching tissue entrance to the vagina (the long-term reconstruction surgery).

Short reconstruction surgery is performed if necessary to obtain the results within the next two weeks. Short-term reconstruction surgery is performed using local anesthesia, it takes much less time than a long-term plastic surgery. During surgery, the surgeon sews the edges of the damaged hymen with bioresorbable threads, simulating the shape of the hymen that was before the onset of sexual activity. Short-term plasticity may be performed not more than 2 times - while the remaining part of the rupture of the hymen becomes thinner, and over time, if the patient continues to do surgery to restore virginity, it is necessary to carry out long-term hymenoplasty.

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Long-term reconstruction surgery has much more complicated manufacturing technology and has the best safety result. No matter when a woman lost her virginity - a month or 10 years ago, no matter how much time will pass from the surgery to restore virginity before intercourse - six months or more, in any case - the long-term reconstruction surgery is very effective. The amount of blood and pain to break the hymen after the restoration of virginity can be even more tangible than the deprivation of virginity for the first time - it’s according to the surgeons.

During the long-term reconstruction surgeon rebuilds hymen tissue of the mucous membranes in the vagina entrance. Long-term reconstruction surgery is called a ‘three-layer hymenoplasty’, because if there are no hymen residues, which can be used for recovery, the surgeon makes a three-layer suturing vestibule. Long time reconstruction surgery takes about 30 minutes, and saves its result to 2-3 years.


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Oncological diseases of genitals, problems with blood clotting, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs in acute, mental disorders – these are the main contraindications.


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Anesthesia methods are defined by an anesthesiologist.

Preparation for reconstruction surgery. Analyses before reconstruction surgery

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So, you have decided to make hymenoplasty. First you must visit a gynecologist-surgeon to inspect and discuss the details of the forthcoming surgery (when hymenorrhaphy must be done, for how long, type of restoration of virginity, the cost of reconstruction surgery), as well as undergo the necessary preoperative examination:

vaginal test

  • General (clinical) blood test
  • Analysis of blood group and Rh factor
  • Consulting of a therapist, physician examination
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Radiography

vaginal disorders

  • Blood chemistry
  • A blood test for HIV
  • A blood test for syphilis (RW, Wassermann reaction)
  • Blood tests for hepatitis B and C.
  • Smear on the flora
  • Hemostasiogram, coagulation (analysis of blood coagulation)

Hymenorrhaphy indications and contraindications

Hymenorrhaphy indications

Hymenoplasty is performed at the personal request of the patient. As with any surgery, the surgery, which happens in order to restore virginity, it is not carried out under the following contraindications:

  • Common diseases
  • Coagulation failure
  • Mental disorders
  • Genital tumors in the acute phase
  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the genital organs
  • Surgery

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The restoring virginity surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and refers to ‘one day surgery’: in a very short time after the surgery (usually no more than in 1-3 hours), the patient can leave the clinic.

Hymenoplasty is performed in 7 days prior to sexual intercourse or immediately after the end of the menstruation. The nature of anesthesia, which is used in reconstruction surgery, depends on the type of surgery short-term or long-term, it is also selected depending on the general indications of the patient. The duration of the surgery is about 10-15 minutes.

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However, in general the duration of the surgery depends on the volume of surgical intervention. The surgeon- gynecologist creates a vestibule partition in the vulva - the ‘new’ natural hymen. There are different surgical approaches for the implementation of this task. During intercourse, the created hymen becomes a barrier for the penetration of the man’s penis into the vagina. He successfully overcomes it, causing a woman the same sensations that have happened once.

A man gets a complete illusion of breaking the hymen. All the signs of disturbance will be apparent. Reconstruction surgery can be performed at any age, and as many times as possible according to your genitals (the presence of mucous membrane, which can be combined and fixed). The operation guarantees the preservation of virginity before sexual intercourse, even if it will happen in a few months or years. Hymenoplasty is held not later than 7-10 days before the next menstruation. The required effect for women will appear, as blood always appears during every new defloration.

The postoperative period

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Discomfort in the crotch area disappears during the day. There is a recommended diet excluding products, which can cause bloating and fermentation in the gut. Liquid food is also recommended to postpone defecation for one day. The first time a person should avoid physical exertion and heat (hot tub, sauna). Also the careful hygiene is needed.

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If you have been looking for some information on ‘how to get virginity again’, now you know everything about it. There is no remedy or natural recipe, which can easily help you. It’s only the surgery. The full information about it you’ve already read online. So is it worth it? It’s up to you!


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