Can I drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Are you not sure if it is safe for your baby if you drink alcohol while breastfeeding? Read this article and find out everything you want to know!

alcohol and breastfeeding

We are all aware of danger of alcohol while you are preparing to deliver a baby. But what if you drink alcohol and breastfeeding? There are a lot of myths about it but even the right answer is still not found.

Drink alcohol breastfeeding

The thing is that if you are not careful with consume of alcohol during your breastfeeding period you might have a lot of problems.

If you are breastfeeding and drinking, the milk that you are giving to your baby will contain alcohol.

That’s why even if you have a sip of champagne which won’t influence you in any way, it’s different for the kids.

The infants have no skill to process alcohol and their bodies are very tiny so even a really small amount of alcohol that they get would have an impact.

According to the researches, alcohol will influence your baby a lot. It can make their sleep worse and also cause problems with breaking down of food.

No matter what you drink it will still have almost an equal influence on your new-born child. But obviously hard drinks are an absolute no because the result can be lethal.

The researchers found that infants whose moms have drunk some drinks containing alcohol were more likely to fall asleep faster.

But they still had problems with sleep and they woke up a lot of times in the course of the night.

The other problem with the alcohol abuse while you are breastfeeding is that your child’s development might go slower.

In the course of their childhood they will have more problems than the other kids and it will take them more time to learn the same things. The first months are really dangerous and that’s a very well-known fact.

You shouldn’t expose your child to this kind of danger.

alcohol and breastfeeding

The role of alcohol in the development of infants isn’t fully studied yet. And it’s pretty understandable because the experiments would be too dangerous for the lives of new-borns.

But all experts share the same opinion that it’s better juts not drink anything at least the first months.

If you are still hesitating, you can always contact your doctor and ask all the necessary questions.

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Is there a safe way to drink at least a little bit of alcohol?

If you drank a glass of wine or beer you have to take a break before feeding your baby. This way your organism would clean itself and there will be no danger for an infant.

It usually takes from half an hour to hour and a half for your body to be totally cleaned. But it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s the same for every woman.

It might be absolutely safe for one mom but completely dangerous for another. The best decision is to ask your doctor.

If you want to combine drinking and taking care of an infant you need to create a special schedule for yourself. If that’s your purpose you need to put a lot of hard work into it.

A good option might be to do the feeding first and then have a drink. Or you can store the milk from your breasts first and give it to your baby so that it doesn’t contain any alcohol.

If you don’t do it – wait for 2 hours before it is safe to feed the baby.

Also it would be really helpful and easier for you if you use formula when you have alcohol processing in your blood.

alcohol and breastfeeding

Of course all the doctors agree that milk from your breasts is a lot healthier and better for the baby but if there is no other option, don’t hesitate to use formula.

Another good advice is to eat before drinking and also drink a lot of water afterwards. It will increase the processing of alcohol.

Is it okay if I drink more than just one drink?

It’s hard to say because it depends on the drinks you are going to have. But if you are a mom of a new-born it’s always better to abstain. If you drink more, you won’t be able to feed the baby for longer time.

In general, you’d better leave the experimenting with alcohol for later if you are breastfeeding. In any case you won’t have to wait longer than three months before you can allow yourself to drink whatever you want.

If you are really drunk, be sure not to feed your baby no matter what. The consequences might be really terrible.

If your baby’s sleep is very deep and he can sleep all night through without waking up, congratulations. This means that you can actually have a little bit more drinks than the others.

But you still have to control yourself because there are other dangers of being drunk.

alcohol and breastfeeding

First of all, you can’t really take responsibility for your actions. That’s why you never know what’s going to happen with you and your kid.

Moreover, never sleep with your baby after the night of drinking. You won’t remember anything and you don’t know if you are going to accidentally hit him or something like that.

One wrong move and his life can be ruined forever.

Is it okay if I drink beer?

There is a saying that if you drink beer it will make you and your baby healthier. But there is no proof to say that it’s true. It won’t make your milk better.

It will only ruin the texture and lead to unhealthy consequences.

To sum up, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor to hear their advice.

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