Can I get pregnant after having an abortion?

Can I get pregnant after having an abortion? This is a serious question that has many aspects that should be looked at. So let’s look at them.

getting pregnant after abortion

It is often asked whether a woman can get pregnant immediately or soon after having an abortion. However, there is no easy answer to this question. In order to better understand different perspectives on the issue let’s first start not with the chance to get pregnant after  abortion, but rather a definition of an abortion and reasons standing behind this choice.

Abortion is a procedure of terminating a pregnancy on early stages leaving no chances for a baby to survive. With the emergency of the freedom of thought, women often vote to have access to abortion procedures any time they want claiming that it is their body and they have all the rights to do whatever they want with it.  In order to look at both sides of the argument, a person needs to see the main reasons women explain the abortion with.

getting pregnant after abortion right away

  1. Almost one fourth of all abortions were made as the mother-to-be was not ready to be a mom for the first time or more than that. Some claimed that they do not feel prepared for having one more kid, as they already have a bunch of children to take care of. However, they stated that had they gotten pregnant a bit later/after the current crisis in their lives, they would keep the baby and be more than happy to experience motherhood again. In this case women are usually worried they won’t be able to or can’t get pregnant after abortion.
  2. Secondly, money really becomes an issue in the question of having children.  Some women decide to have an abortion as they do not have enough money to bring the child up. They do not want to ask their relatives or even social services for help; therefore, they choose to get rid of an unwanted child before it is born to dig a hole in their budgets. The number of women aborting a child for this reason is more than 20%.
  3. Other women claim they have all the children they wanted. Thus, having a complete family, they do not want to go through all the childbearing ad labor one more time. This is why a little bit less than 20% of all women choose an abortion over having trouble and experiencing pain and discomfort again. However, some of them point out that this is not only about them being not willing to go through physical challenges again. These women emphasized that they have other people they need to take care of, and a child can interfere with these plans. Such women usually do not wonder whether they will be able to get pregnant after having an abortion, as they are too busy to be a mother again.
    getting pregnant after abortion immediately
  4. Another reason women abort their children on the early stages is that they do not have a husband to raise a child with. Being a single mother, as they explain, is not only difficult for bot a mother and a child but is also financially challenging. That is why women choose to abort a child in order not to deal with too many problems on her own.
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  5. This reason is close to the previous one; however, these women only want to abort a child now and will want to get pregnant after an abortion later. Women from this category state that they are too young to become a mother. They realize all the responsibility parents have to take, and decide that this is too early for them. Percentage of such women is 7% out of 100% women making an abortion.
    getting pregnant after abortions
  6. Fewer women choose not to give birth but rather to abort a child right away due to their career plans, health problems or a desire of a husband to abort.
  7. And finally, less than 1% of all women making an abortion do not want anyone to know they had sex, so they choose an abortion in order to hide that they lost their virginity.

In the view of all he reasons mentioned above, you can see that a number of women that choose an abortion but still want to get pregnant later is pretty high. Consequently, let’s see what the chances of getting pregnant immediately after having an abortion are.

chance of getting pregnant after abortion

Here is a list of facts about abortions and their further impact on conceiving a baby. Chances are you will still get pregnant; however, these facts should be taken into consideration.

  • It is commonly believed that abortion does not influence further conception at all. The only reason to worry about after an abortion is that a specialist that performed the procedure could damage the organs in some way. However, as the last researches showed there is no need to worry: modern medicine is better than ever, so almost all the problems are fixable.
  • Even though one abortion is considered to be not harmful (from the physical point of view, not an ethical one), a bigger number of abortion can lead to problems with fertility. Specialists explain that this really is so, in the view of the damage essential for conception and pregnancy organs face. Procedures like dilations and curettages can make woman’s uterus weak. If you had a number of abortions, and experience troubles getting pregnant, you should consult your doctor for more information. He can advise you to try hysterectomy as an attempt to examine your uterus in order to see if it is competent to keep a fetus in.
    getting pregnant after abortion chances
  • If you are thinking of getting pregnant immediately after an abortion, you probably should know that this can be dangerous both to a mother and her child. Prominent specialists recommend taking up to half a year after making an abortion before planning a baby. Your body needs time to recover. Moreover, if you took medication, it might have impact on the fetus implantation.  You should consult your doctor to see whether there is anything you can do to help your body recover and become competent before you get pregnant again.
  • Furthermore, there is a chance of miscarriage in case you get pregnant too immediately after abortion. Doctors recommend using contraceptives for some time in order to prevent a miscarriage or an unwanted pregnancy. They usually offer at least eight different types of contraception, so you can choose one that does not contradict your personal beliefs or understanding of comfort.
    getting pregnant after abortion children
  • Finally, start planning your pregnancy with all the ovulation periods after six months and do not get discouraged if you fail to get pregnant right away. Remember that an abortion is stressful for your body, and it will take time to be suitable for a fetus to implant and  an embryo to grow inside you.

As you see, abortion is a big deal, and it can influence your future pregnancies or an ability to conceive a baby. However, do not lose hope and in case you tried a lot but you still cannot get pregnant ask for medical assistance here both for you or your husband.

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