Can massage therapy relieve sinus pressure?

Rhinitis is a defensive reaction of the organism, with its help, it tries not to let the infection from the nose (in the throat, the lungs), and nasal mucosa secrete mucus, which in large quantities contains substances that neutralize the virus.


Therefore, it is not necessary to stop a runny nose, it is necessary to help fight the virus by washing your nose with salt water, using aromatherapy, inhalation, strengthening the immune system and by doing acupressure from a cold.

Even in ancient times, oriental doctors have found that there are some points on the human body, which are associated with the internal organs and systems of the body.

It is interesting that these points, which are "responsible" for the particular organ, are not necessarily located next to it.

Use acupressure at a cold - it is no less effective treatment than the use of other treatments or medications reception. Acupressure reduces the symptom expression of the disease. In addition, when you are regularly doing it, so the body's ability to resist diseases increases.

To give a massage at a cold you do not require special equipment, and the procedure takes about fifteen minutes. Impact on certain points on the face stimulates blood circulation and helps to strengthen the muscles of the nasopharynx. Knowing what points should be massaged while a cold, you will speed up the recovery, even if there are no drugs at home.


The most effective massage with a running nose will be during the first few days of illness. Often it helps to prevent the further development of the common cold and the occurrence of complications.

In order to do the most effective acupressure from the common cold, you need to follow some general recommendations. Before performing the procedure, the hands should be washed and warm. The best way to give a massage is to do soft rotational motion in a clockwise direction, accompanied by a continuous light pressure. Usually massage points at a cold is fulfilled by your thumb or forefinger.

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Also keep in mind that this procedure has certain contraindications. Doing massage against the common cold is not necessary in the following cases:

  • It is not necessary to do acupressure, when you have a fever and the temperature is above 37.5. Postpone the session.
  • Do not continue to acupressure, if it causes rejection. Rejection is a contraindication for any manipulation.
  • Do not massage the point of the nose wings, if the skin has severe skin irritation, because of the cold or you have birthmarks. At other points, continue to work.


Remember, self-medication is dangerous to life, for advice on the use of any medications, consult a doctor.

Points on the face for massage from running nose

Massage from running nose should be started from the recesses of the nose. To give a massage of the point is better at the same time, performing the procedure with both hands. Then you should work with sites that are located between the nose and upper lip. Then you need to massage the tip of the nose (nasal apex).

Very often running nose is accompanied by a headache or a feeling of heaviness in the head. To remove this symptom, massage the area between the eyebrows and temples. Pressing on each of the above points should be accompanied by light pain.

The massage should be done 2 or 3 times a day. After the procedure, it is recommended to drink a warm infusion of hypericum, lime blossom, chamomile or green tea.


The acupuncture points on the body

It is very important information to know that massage points from a cold are not only on the face. They are also available in other parts of the body.

According to the ideas of Oriental Medicine, the impact on them stimulates the immune system and normalizes the state of the nasal mucous membranes. They can be pressed somewhat stronger than the massage of the face.

Massage in a circular motion, by pressing on the point with the help of your thumb or forefinger. The movement should be repeated 10 times. It is possible to massage your eyes closed, so you can also relax and get away from the disease. For best results, make 3 "pass" on all points. You can repeat once more after 10 minutes: to fix the result.

The most significant points are the following:

  • between the thumb and forefinger;
  • just below the knee;
  • on the inner side of the wrist;
  • the bottom of the neck, at the location where the neck begins.


In addition, quite a lot of active points are located on the soles of the feet. Their stimulation has a restorative effect. Therefore, it is desirable that the treatment of colds should include a foot massage or walk barefoot on the warm sand or small stones if it is possible.

Thus, the massage from the common cold, not only will speed up the recovery without the use of expensive medications, but also improve the immune system. Therefore, a massage can be used for prophylaxis at the time of year when it is most likely to catch a cold.

And do not forget about the simple precautions!

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