Can pregnancy occur during menstruation?

Do you really know whether you can get pregnant during menstruation or not? Read and get surprised in case you are not aware of the interesting details concerning pregnancy during menstruation.

Getting pregnant?

The majority of people believe that menstruation is the most reliable and natural birth control. For them the conception of a child during menstruation is something unnatural and contradictory. Despite everything, they continue to do "family" affairs, not knowing that the risk is very nearly.

Of course, the couples are confident in the safety of sex during menstruation - and this is not groundless, as the risk of pregnancy in this period is negligible, but still it exists. Try to understand how you can get pregnant during menstruation.

During the first half of the monthly - for all the processes is responsible hormone estrogen, as at this stage it is produced in large quantities. In the role of his assistants are follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) hormones. Under the influence of FSH easily activates the growth and maturation of follicles.

The second stage is ovulation. It normally occurs approximately at the 14th day of the cycle and lasts for 24 hours. During this time, the egg must meet a sperm and get fertilized. At the end of the ovulation in the body becomes predominant hormone progesterone, which is responsible for preparing the environment for the implantation of the ovum. If fertilization has occurred, all the "preparatory work" stops and starts the rejection process, which is called menstruation.

Don't worry

As it is clear from the above written, becoming pregnant during menstruation is impossible. But really do not completely believe in it, as the life practice of lots of people shows that it is easy to "get burned" due to unprotected sex during menstruation. After the pregnancy was revealed, everyone starts to wonder: "is it possible to get pregnant in the first day of menstrual bleeding", "can you get pregnant on the last day of the monthly" and anyway, "can I get pregnant at the time of menstruation"?

Causes of pregnancy during menstruation

  • Two instead of one

It happens so that instead of one egg in the body of the girl matures two fully ready for fertilization eggs. They can mature simultaneously or with a difference of small amount of time. The reasons of such behavior of the organism, are the following:

  • when a woman has irregular sexual life;
  • if such violations are hereditary;
  • if the body is influenced by strong and short-term hormonal surge;
  • rare orgasm.

This phenomenon happens quite rarely, but still, the chance of its occurrence is possible. Therefore, even at the time of menstruation you should have sex only using a condom. Here is the answer to the question: "is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation". In addition, during menstruation there is a serious risk to acquire infectious disease, because blood is an excellent breeding ground for the beneficial bacteria. And this is another occasion on which the use of condoms is a compulsory condition of sex in the period of menstruation.

A useful kind of a condom!

Hormonal "games"

On the regularity of the cycle a direct effect has hormonal balance of the woman's body because "naughty" behavior hormones are changing monthly frequency and timing of ovulation. It can start early or late. It is known that the sperm can maintain its viability throughout 4-5 days.

And now the answer to the question "is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation": if intercourse occurred on 5-6th day of the menstruation and this time there is a violation of the cycle, there is a chance of getting pregnant some time after sex.

Violation of the rules of oral contraceptives usage

Similarly the appearance of pregnancy during menstruation is affected by impaired oral contraceptives. If a woman takes the pill for some time, then stops, after a couple of days she has menstruation, and at this time there is unprotected sex, the result can be in the form of unexpected pregnancy. So is it possible to get pregnant on the last day of the month? Of course it is possible, although quite difficult and it happens in rare cases.

Safe days of unsafe monthly

Want it?

The risk of getting pregnant exists, but not in any day of menstrual cycle. First, second and third days are distinguished by excessive bleeding with an aggressive environment against sperm. The aggression is enough to destroy a column of optimistic spermatozoa.

But the last days are characterized by relatively calm environment, and this period may be favourable to getting pregnant during menstruation. As you know, the sperm can remain active for weeks, hiding in the quiet "corners" of the fallopian tubes and waiting for the approaching of an egg. The spontaneous ovulation, as a result of hormonal failure, will cause premature ripening of the ovum. Here is another answer to the question "can you get pregnant on the last day of the month".

Not surprisingly, if the question arises "why to have sex during a non-aesthetic process of menstruation?". The answer is simple. Men never miss the opportunity to make love, even in the "special" days, but for some women, the menstrual period is accompanied by a strong libido with which is sometimes impossible to cope.

But before you plunge into the abyss of passion, you need to remember that sex during menstruation is possible only in two cases:

  1. the presence of a regular sexual partner;
  2. the lack of male infections that can be transmitted.

During menstruation woman's environment is very vulnerable. So to have sex you need a condom if you don't want in addition to all the unpleasant aspects of menstruation acquire some new problems.

How to know about pregnancy?

Children or career?

We have already identified the chances of getting pregnant but how to find out whether there has come the fertilization of an egg or not. If the pregnancy really occurs, chorionic gonadotropin has the increased amount. Its proportion in the blood, can figure out a common blood test for beta-HCG. This method is most reliable and can be performed within a week after conception.

Another, less reliable method – the pregnancy test. It can be applied not earlier than 14 days after fertilization.

So, let's sum up and make the final line in the question "is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation". The probability of getting pregnant during monthly really exists. If you have monthly and you really want to hop in bed with your beloved spouse, be sure to use a condom.

What to do?

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Remember that the probability of getting pregnant during menstruation is reduced to zero only in the first days of active bleeding. But it is best to wait out this period, as this unsightly process is not able to give the love romance and beauty.

So, I think that everything is quite clear – you can’t just rely on your menstruation using it in such a way as if it is a birth control. Yet such cases aren’t very common, but anyway you can’t neglect this information. Be very attentive to your body and take care of it!

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