Can smartphones really make you hyperactive?

Are there side effects of using smartphones too much? Learn the truth now.

Most of us just love these new smart devices. Girls and guys walk around reading, listening to music or watching videos on their smartphones. But are these really safe? Can they do harm as well as good?

danger of smartphone

Smartphones can make you hyperactive

Recent scientific study shows that over 90 percent of all the smartphone users get engaged with their devices during various social outings and events. 70 percent of us use smartphones at work and even 10% use them, while having sex! Isn’t that insane?

smartphone and distractions


Basically what these gadgets do is they distract us and do not allow us to be focused. You cannot be fully engaged in a conversation or in some event, if you browse internet or chat with someone on a smartphone.

Such distractions can quick become an addiction and turn into ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. And that is a medical condition. It prevents you from being a good student and learner. It does not allow you to focus on your work or relationships fully.

smartphone out of focus

Eventually it would cost you tons of money and success in life! So, it’s about time to reconsider how you use smartphone. It is a good thing, if you can properly handle it and possess it instead of letting it possess you!

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