Can staph infection kill you?

What is staph infection? What is it dangerous for? Find out right now from this article!

Staph infection pictures show that it is roundish bacteria on mucous and skin of person. As a rule, their existence doesn't provoke emergence of any problems. But weak protective forces of organism make staphylococcus cause a number of the most various diseases.

staph infection pictures

Staph infection contagious?

To trust official statistics, the quantity of fatal cases from one of the most dangerous hospital infections has considerably increased in recent years, and the number of infection cases constantly grows.

It often occurs at medical personnel. Staph infection happens in hospitals in the airborne way and through polluted hands of physicians. It is also possible to catch it through open wounds, burns, eyes, skin, and blood. Staph infection contagious because of joint using of everyday things. Its transmission can happen with tools, catheters, dressing, living objects and food.

antibiotics cause staph

What causes staph infection?

Place for hit of infection are various type of injury of skin (including micro damages), and also a mucous membrane of airways. The weakened immunity becomes a defining factor for development of a staph. It can decrease due to using of various medical preparations (antibiotics, for example). It can be also chronic diseases (thyroid gland, diabetes) and influence of factors from environment. Features of immune system define the most difficult course of staphylococcal infection at children of early age and elderly people.

staph infection starts

How does staph infection start?

Symptoms of infection are: redness, puffiness and morbidity of infected organs. Clinical displays of illness are diverse: diseases of skin, pneumonia, meningitis and many others.

Staph infection on face is very widespread. The disease arises on any site. Its symptoms depend on area of microbe introduction. There is a reddening. Tissue slowly begins to die off, and dark green pus follows from a wound. After a while the illness can develop again. This kind of staph is especially dangerous. Inflammatory process can move to a brain cover.

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staph infection treatment

Staph infection treatment

Staph cure is focused on restoration of separate missing components in complex with treatment of accompanying type of diseases. Application of surgical techniques directed to fight against the infection centers is the main and optimal solution. As for antibiotics in treatment of staph infection – it has to be very reasonable. Lack of rationality in purpose of such preparations can not only result in lack of benefit, but also lead to aggravation of a disease. For diagnosing of staphylococcus it is necessary to address treating therapist and infectious specialist.


Now I know that the staph infection can be so easy to catch. You have to be extremely careful in places where a lot of people, especially in hospitals, public transport. Yes, it is now treated, but why spend money for treatment, if it is possible in advance to take care of myself. If you pick up an infection, can infect and family, and that's too bad. I could not think of that can be Staphylococcus die. This is the worst. It is necessary to have a good immune system, in order to avoid the disease.

Answered 1 year ago.

I do not even know that Staphylococcus can be such a dangerous disease, and the fact that it can be so easy to pick up. I was pregnant I necessarily take the analysis for the presence of Staphylococcus, because it is especially dangerous for young children. But the fact that you can die from this disease, I was shocked at all, because it seems so harmless illness, and it can be cured, but turned out to be more serious than it seems. Thank you for this article, because health in our lives plays an important role, and it should be protected.

Answered 1 year ago.
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