Can symptoms of appendicitis come and go?

People are wondering whether symptoms of appendicitis come and go. Do they disappear even if to do nothing? When should you better go to the hospital? You’ll find all the answers right now.

symptoms of appendicitis in adults

Appendicitis is a serious inflammatory disease of the appendix of the cecum. Among some pathological conditions in terms of the abdomen there may be recognition of the easiest and most difficult one. We will consider a few the most typical symptoms of appendicitis in adults.

A lot of people have heard about appendicitis. But not everyone is aware of the first signs that accompany this disease and what the consequences may appear if you do not treat it in time. The symptoms of appendicitis attack may be very serious and they will not disappear.

Acute appendicitis

Acute appendicitis

During the acute appendicitis, which an inflammation of the appendix, it is developed in stages, raising from one stage to another:

  • Catarrhal appendicitis. The inflammatory process occurs only in the mucosa process.
  • Surface. Inflammation progresses, thereby forming primary mucosal damage. In this process step lumen has not only the leukocytes but also blood.
  • Phlegmonous. All layers of appendix are inflamed, even the cladding.
  • Abscess or ulcerative. Ulcer formation process starts in the mucosa.
  • Gangrenous. The necrosis of the wall of the appendix, often - the contents of a breakthrough in the abdominal cavity and the subsequent development of peritonitis. At this stage, there is the highest mortality level from this disease.

symptoms of appendicitis

In a lot of cases, from the first stage to the last one it takes about 2 days and so acute appendicitis becomes the condition during which you cannot put off an urgent  visit to the surgeon: because of the abscess of appendicitis the risk of complications increases sharply. Let’s learn some of the symptoms of acute appendicitis in more detail.

Pain. Most often, since the beginning there appears a dull persistent pain in the navel or sometimes the upper abdomen. In common cases, it may spread throughout the stomach or immediately appear in the right iliac area. Usually it is amplified during walking, moving torso, and when you cough, sneeze and laugh.

appendicitis in adults

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Older people and some adults may not feel anything at all. If the appendix is not very typical, the pain can appear anywhere: in the suprapubic area, in the right upper quadrant, in the area of the projection of the kidney or ureter, radiating to the right thigh, sometimes vulva or lower back. It may hurt, even on the left. After a few hours the pain gradually moves to the place where appendix is located directly.

If it suddenly disappears completely, it may indicate the death of nerves and the development of gangrenous appendicitis.

gangrenous appendicitis

  • Nausea and  also vomiting. It is often accompanied by arose pain, but does not precede it. In most cases, vomiting happens once, and is reflexive in its nature.
  • Tongue. As a rule, it is coated with white bloom, early in the disease – it is wet. Dryness of tongue comes later and indicates inflammation of the peritoneum.
  • Temperature increases. In most cases the temperature is low and is kept within 37-38 degrees Celsius. Sometimes it is normal, sometimes it is above 38 degrees Celsius. Higher numbers indicate the build-up progression and severity of the inflammatory process.

Other symptoms of appendicitis in adults:

dangerous appendicitis

  • Bowel problems: as a rule everything is as usual. The elderly may experience constipation, and diarrhea, which may be at the location of the appendix in the area of small bowel loops, because of which the patient may mistakenly admitted to infectious disease clinic.
  • Sleep: it is disturbed because of the pain and general discomfort.
  • Appetite: often reduced or absent.

Very rarely, about 1% of cases of the disease appendicitis have periodic pains in the right iliac area, if the appendix is typical. Doctors suspect the presence of chronic appendicitis only after the survey (ultrasound, computed tomography, laparoscopy, and so on).

 form of appendicitis

This form of appendicitis on the external manifestations is often similar to other diseases of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space: chronic cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, and ulcer. The main symptom of this form of appendicitis is a periodically recurring pain that increases with movement of the trunk.

During the period of having the acute symptoms, they resemble the acute appendicitis, but with normal or slightly elevated temperature. The main danger during an exacerbation is the development of peritonitis. Therefore, there is an urgent need to see a doctor, who will help to adequately assess the severity of the condition.


cause of appendicitis

Due to the fact that the most important thing in the treatment of appendicitis is timely, urgently need seeing a doctor in the following cases: abdominal pain that does not go away and amplified by coughing, movement, walking. Over time, it can move in the right iliac area or localize in any part of the abdomen or lower back. Rising temperatures, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Because of the gentle touch to the stomach muscles a person can feel the involuntary tension.

It is necessary to address to a hospital or call the ‘ambulance’ urgently, when the above symptoms appear. The patient is being treated in a hospital in a surgical way. Before surgery, the anesthetist examines a person, the therapist, in severe cases of comorbidity (for example, recent myocardial infarction or decompensated diabetes mellitus) – the dedicated experts.

appendicitis surgery

And don’t forget that the most common reason for the development of complications is the late surgery. According to statistics, the first two days after the occurrence of inflammation in the appendix the rupture process of the tissue does not occur. But if during that period a person does not take the necessary measures, the complications are almost inevitably. In children, the rate of development of the inflammatory process happens 2 times faster, that means, the effects may occur within hours after the onset of acute appendicitis.

Depending on the time elapsed from the beginning of the inflammatory process, the following complications of appendicitis develop:

appendicitis pain

  • perforation of the appendix;
  • appendicular infiltrate;
  • peritonitis;
  • local abscesses of the abdominal cavity;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • pylephlebitis;
  • sepsis.

healthy woman

All these complications of appendicitis are very dangerous. So you should not waste your time. It is very important, as the symptoms will not disappear. You should not be confused if the pain goes away. It may come back, become more sever and even be in form of the attack. Take care of your health!


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