Can water burn fat?

Dream lose weight? Why drinking water is one of the best? Does drinking water burn fat for real? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about drinking water here!

drinking water burns fat

We agree, it sounds like an advertisement, which usually ends with a proposal to buy something for a certain price. But does drinking water burn fat for real? We’ll find out in this article.

In an article, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, Boschmann and the colleagues showed not only the results of the study of the impact of water consumption on the burning of calories, but also the connection between the burning of substrates (fats compared to carbohydrates) and the possible mechanism of fat burning effect.

does drinking water burn fat

Water really burns fat. The scientists studied the effect of consumption of 500 ml of water in the blood osmolarity. Osmolarity shows the amount of dissolved solids in the liquid component of blood (dried blood residue). It is extremely important to maintain the osmolarity in a certain range, because if the blood is too liquid, the cells swell and may be damaged.

If the blood becomes too thick, the liquid will be extracted from other cells, and they are reduced, again with the risk of possible damage. The first part of the study was conducted in a room specially equipped for measuring the speed of burning calories and determines their source by measuring changes in exhaled air.

can drinking water burn fat

In general, by analyzing the breath of subjects, the researchers measured how quickly they burn calories, and where calories come from - from fats or sugars (glucose, glycogen). Both men and women have demonstrated a very quick response to water - in 10 minutes they had increased energy, after 30 minutes the metabolic had already higher rate by 30% than normal and continued its acceleration even up to 90 minutes.

The total thermogenic response was approximately 25 calories. Twenty-five calories is not so much figure itself, but according to the low cost of water, its non-toxic quality in reasonable quantities, and the ability to use several times a day, it can be concluded that 100 calories can be burned as a result of daily consumption of water (500 mg four times a day).

how drinking water burns fat

Note that this echoes with the widespread recommendation for daily drinking of 8 glasses of water. It is possible that an even greater effect can be achieved by consumption of chilled water, as 40% of calories burned during the experiment, were spent on heating water till the room temperature. Remember the definition of the term ‘calorie’ means the amount of energy required for a temperature rise of one liter of water to one degree Celsius.

Thus, to heat half a liter of water to room temperature (22 ° C) to 15 degrees (body temperature to 37 ° C) 7.5 calories are needed. The use of chilled water (4 ° C) requires additional 9 calories per cup.

‘Living’ water burns fat

water burns fat

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Drinking 2 liters of living water daily can help you to get rid of 5 kg of fat per year, German doctors told. Specialists of the famous clinic in Germany, the Berlin Charité using complex clinical experiments proved that the cold water promotes weight loss and helps to increase the effectiveness of any diets.

It is known that a person gains or reduces weight by regulating the energy balance. If energy consumption is higher than its quantity supplied with food, the body weight decreases. German doctors advised to drink a lot of living cold water for those who wish to lose weight, because water has zero calorie.

‘Living’ water burns fat

As it was reported by the German doctors, the use of living water, the temperature of which does not exceed 22 degrees, results in a negative energy balance because the body expends energy on heating the incoming liquid to body temperature. According to the calculations of researchers, two cups or 500 milliliters at 22 degrees of living water helps to burn about 50 calories.

By the way, according to a study of the same experts, one in three people worry about the problem of excess weight and weight loss after the holidays.

In order to lose weight, doctors recommend drinking about half a liter of water in the morning before breakfast, and the remaining one and a half liters should be drunk during the day.

Does ice water burn fat?

Does ice water burn fat

Every person who wants to lose weight is certainly interested in this subject. If you just want to know whether the body burns calories when it warms up the water, then we will immediately answer to you - yes.

First of all, the specific conditions have the influence on the calorie. There are different calories. One shows how much energy is contained in the food. And the other allows us to determine how much energy is required to raise the temperature of 1 ml of water by 1 degree.

What people commonly referred to calorie, it is actually called ‘Kcal’. In order to heat 1 liter of water by 1 degree you need to spend 1 kilocalorie (kcal). A can of cola contains 140 kcal, the body gets 140,000 calories. Do not panic - this ratio is important, and in reverse order. Burning 100 calories, you get rid of 100,000 cal.

ice water burns fat

Taking into account that the definition of calories is based on the heating of the water, it can be assumed that the body consumes calories, ‘boiling’ the water to body temperature. As the urine does not become cold as ice, the body needs to heat the water, destroying the calories.

Let's determine how many calories the body burns when we drink half a liter of very cold water. The ice-water temperature is 0 degrees, the body temperature is about 37 degrees. For heating 1 ml of water by 1 degree you need 1 calorie. 0.5 liters of water has 473.18 g. Thus, the body should warm 473.18 ml of water from 0 degrees to 37. In this case, the body will burn 17,508 calories - only 17.5 kcal. When the daily norm is 2000 kcal, this figure is quite negligible.

can ice water burn fat

Now let's imagine that you practice drinking plan ‘8 glasses of water a day’ - 230 ml each. This is equal to 1892.72. In order to heat is the amount of water during the day we expend 70,030 calories - only 70 kcal. Though we cannot count on the cold water, as a substitute for diet and exercise, using it instead of hot water, in fact, helps to burn more calories.

The gaining of excess fat is incredibly simple. In fact, it often occurs without any desire on the man himself; furthermore, it can happen if he wants to avoid such a situation. But if the problem is so easily and naturally arises, then the solution should be as natural and simple.

Does cold water burn fat

The example showed the world pandemic of obesity, which scared to death the health system of the United States and spread to all the countries of the Western lifestyle and the prevention of gaining fat – it is not an easy problem, and it has no solution, no simple method. In fact, this gaining is impossible to stop.

If to review the medical scientific literature, it is clear that the number of papers are devoted to the positive impact of water consumption in the process of burning the excess fat in the body, is huge.

Keep track of the level of hydration and drink about one liter of water immediately upon waking in the morning in order to unleash the metabolism. A small amount of caffeine can speed up the process a little bit, if you are sensitive to it.

drinking water

Whether you want to know ‘does water burn fat’ in order to become skinny, it is not a magical tool. You should follow diet, go to the gym, use breathing techniques. And, of course, drink water, better cold. It’s very important to use everything in complex. 

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