Can we use homeopathy for anxiety treatment?

What is Homeopathy? How does homeopathy treat anxiety? Read below the list of homeopathic medicines for anxiety treatment and their description


Homeopathy is a method of treatment which can be characterized as "fight fire with fire". Homeopathy treatment provides a method of treating "similar with the similar". When doctor assigns this he takes into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, including even the particular character and appearance.

Homeopathic drugs are prescribed after a thorough study of all the features of the patient's lifestyle, features of its appearance, the possible causes of the disease and other. Based on the collected information physician determines patient to one of the four health groups. The lower the level of health (severe stage of the disease) - the lower the dose of drugs prescribed for the treatment.

After the first use of the drugs the doctor checks a changed course of the disease. This is necessary in order to clarify those doses that will be recommended for admission to the patient, as well as the drugs themselves, necessary in a particular case.

Some of the challenges include the state of panic. Panic attack is inexplicable, painful bout of anxiety and fear combined with heart palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling of heat or cold, shivering and copious urination. Panic condition observed in 2-4% of the population, mostly in women. Homeopathic treatment can help to get rid of the panic state and solve many other problems that exist in these patients.


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Depth knowledge about the phenomenology of anxiety disorders and approaches to their treatment has homeopathy as one of the directions of the alternative medicine. The search of the alternative methods of treatment of mental disorders is due to not only the high cost of modern pharmacotherapy, but also a significant number of medication side effects and complications of therapy. There are different types of  homeopathy anxiety treatment and homeopathic medications that prescribed for different types of anxiety disorders. Let’s consider the most effective anxiety treatment drugs and states that they treat:

  • Aconitum napellus – is an anxiety, accompanied by the slightest pain. Fear of death, fear of the dark. The patient is afraid to cross the street and be in the crowd. Fear that something might happen. Unexplained irrational fear with a sense of anxiety of the patient makes his life miserable because the feeling of fear is present as acute diseases accompanied by fever, and in its normal state. Person feels physical and mental restlessness, tossing in bed, unable to find peace. Patient is sure that his illness is incurable and predictes the day and hour of his death.
  • Actea racemosa - melancholy, excited mood, fear, persistent suspicion among hysterical subjects, severe depression and mood of anxiety associated with the presentiment of impending misfortune. The patient is afraid to ride in the car with the close door, afraid that he will not be able to jump in the event of an accident.
  • Argentum nitricum - worries about his health, restless and hasty, without time to get to work, he tends to finish it.
  • Arnica montana - fearful, anxious mood subject with hypochondriacal, stubborn and irritable character. Fearfulness comes to despair: dark thoughts come to the mind, especially if the patient is suffering organic disorders or heart disease.
  • Arsenicum album - boundless anxiety. The patient believes that it is useless to take medicine because the disease is incurable and he should die. Anxiety attacks do not allow him to lie, he constantly feels the need to go back and forth. The patient is covered by mental and heart anguish simultaneously.
  • Aurum - restless, anxious mood. Melancholy with anxiety symptoms and the desire to die. A strong longing that leads to suicidal thoughts.
  • Belladonna - anxiety with a desire to escape.


  • Berberis - anxiety in the twilight with a vision of strange animals and monsters.
  • Bryonia alba - very melancholy mood and troubled state, impelling the patient to be in motion. He feels worse in the state of motion but extreme concern and anxiety mood encourage him to do it. Person fells a sense of fear, despair, anxiety associated with the disease, and even the fear of death.
  • Bromium - anxiety, increasing in the evening and at night and accompanied by palpitations and headache.
  • Veratrum album - mental symptoms that characterized by a flow and destructive character. It is anxiety with crying and moaning. The patient does not believe in recovery, attempting suicide. Better to treat those patients whose psyche coerced by severe grief and despair.
  • Hepar sulphuris calcareum - anxiety, sadness, discouragement.
  • Graphites - anxious mood, sometimes an excited state with a sense of heart contraction.
  • Digitalis purpura - anxiety at night, insomnia. The slightest movement causes anxiety and slow pulse.
  • Lodium - excited state, expressed tearfulness. The patient expects trouble, it seems, that he is crazy.


  • Cactus grandiflorus - anxious mood is more pronounced in the evening.
  • Kali arsenicosum - depression with anxiety and irritability. The patient has a strong aversion to motion. Anxiety in the morning and at the time of waking, but particularly strong it appears in the evening and at night. The patient worries about his health without any reasons. He is sure that he will die soon.
  • Kali bromatum - anxiety with the decline of the spirit.
  • Kali carbonicum - anxiety disorder with the worrying about health. The patient is moody, irascible, irritable, to an extreme degree, quarrels with his family and to those on whom he depends. He does not want to be alone, he sees visions of ghosts.
  • Kali sulphuricum - stubborn, irritable, easily angry. Patient is always in a hurry. It is hard for him to make decisions. It seems that he is thinking about something far. The patient feels discontent.  Anxiety at night in the bed and on waking. At night he feels the fear of death, incidence and people. Aversion to work, business and communication. Mental stress worsens the condition.
  • Kali phosphoricum - unexplained constant anxiety disorder, fear, nervousness. Patient is the ultra-sensitive, nervous man, exhausted by constant ailments, sorrows, nuisance, prolonged mental work.
  • Calcarea carbonica - anxiety disorder, fear, loss of interest in life. The patient sees everything in the black color.
  • Calcarea sulphuri- ca - mood of anxiety.
  • Calcarea fluorica - anxiety disorder, discouragement, irrational fear. The tendency to attach great importance to money.
  • Calcarea phosphori- ca - fear of bad news.
  • Camphora - anxiety disorder.
  • Cannabis indica - melancholy mood, accompanied by inhibition, which improves outdoor. Fear of the dark, death and insanity.
  • Cantharis - anxiety, accompanied by agitation, whereby the patient can not sit still.
  • Carbo animalis - anxiety disorder at night.


  • Carbo vegetabilis - state of great anxiety. This patient is very timid and  shy person.
  • Carboneum sul- phuratum - afraid of the dark, of the surrounding objects, fears for the future.
  • Causticum - shyness, nervousness, anxiety, fearful vision, especially in the evening twilight.
  • Conium maculatum - hysterical patient with anxiety and melancholy mood, he has a strong desire to cry.
  • Lycopodium - aching sense of longing, especially in the epigastric region, melancholy, tearfulness. The rustle of paper, phone calls or knocking on the door acting on the nerves of the patient and cause a sudden attack of weakness. Little things irritate and cause discomfort. Fear that something will happen, the fear to forget something, constantly growing fear of the emergence in society or horror of solitude.
  • Magnesia muriatica - anxiety disorder. Estlessness combined with anxiety. Anxiety often occur at night in the bed. Patient often spends the whole night without sleep because of anxiety sensations.
  • Manganum - anxiety disorder, terrible premonition. The patient walks around the room, and the more he walks -  the more alarming his anxiety becomes. Condition improves at the rest.
  • Mezerium - melancholy and anxious mood, especially at the rest. Melancholy on the grounds of religion and finance, melancholy influence the business activity of the patient, indifference to the surroundings, irritability, thought process is carried out with difficulty, elusive memory, distraction, aversion to communication. There may be a skin rash.
  • Moschus - mood of anxiety. This medicine has cured a lot of hysterical girls. There are strong bouts of violent anger with fury, heartbeat. Grumpy and quarrelsomeness.  All the time in a hurry, things are falling out of the hands. Apprehension, tremors. Afraid to go bed because of the fear of death. The characteristic symptom of Moschus: one cheek is red and cold, the other - white and hot.
  • Natrum carbonicum - anxiety, accompanied by melancholy mood during lightning storms or with the mental work. Nervous and physical exhaustion, mental and physical weakness. Accountant loses the ability to add numbers. When the patient is reading one page, the previous will forgotten. Anxiety and sweating. Palpitations at night when patient is lying on the left side.
  • Nitricum acidum - weakness, extreme sensitivity, nervous tremors. Attacks of anguish, especially in the evening or at night. Concern about health, fear of death, insomnia, the general indifference to everything.
  • Pulsatilla - good medicine for women who love to cry. By the nature of soft, gentle, tearful, humble, accommodating, sensitive. Increased libido. The deterioration in the rest, after eating.
  • Rhus toxicodendron - anxiety disorder in the room, patient feels the need to walk in the fresh air. Intense fear at night. Thoughts about suicide. The patient is very sensitive to cold air, and all complaints are worse from cold and better from heat. Maybe dizziness.
  • Sangvinaria - anxiety disorder with headaches and gastrointestinal disorders.


  • Sepia – nervous, anxious, and suicidal woman. She likes to quarrel.
  • Silicea - anxious and excited state. Fear of failure. This medicine is a natural complement (deeper) and chronic analogue Pulsatilla.
  • Spigelia anthelmia - a strong concern, gloomy mood. Fear of pointed objects, pins.
  • Spongia tosta - anxiety, fear, shortness of breath. Anxiety at night, choking sensation, the heart discomfort.
  • Stramonium - anxiety disorder with the sound of flowing water. The patient complains, tearing his clothes and talk loudly, exposing his body, trying to bite and scratch; afraid that he will be attacked by the dog.

So  in the arsenal of alternative medicine classical homeopathy occupies an important place among the drugs for the patients with psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders.

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