Can we use homeopathy medicine for hair fall?

Hair loss occurs for various reasons: age, genetics, diseases and medications. Whatever the cause of your hair is thinning, there is a homeopathic treatment that can slow the process of hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. How to prevent hair loss? You will learn from this article.

Hair loss is quite a serious problem

Hair loss is quite a serious problem. This issue can affect anyone, and strongly it affects women. Long-term stress, diseases of internal organs, hormonal disruptions adversely affect not only the general state of health of the person. These processes change the appearance of the individual not for the better. And most of all by the changing conditions of functioning of vital systems suffer hair.

Hair becomes brittle, dull, lose their strength and fall. Hair loss is really a big problem, which only increases the psychological discomfort. To regain the power of curls, women and men use a lot of tools and techniques, but not all of them are beneficial. Traditional treatments often replace homeopathy - it known to many people is the informal sector of medicine. Should we trust the homeopathic drugs, and what explains their effectiveness?

Can homeopathy cure hair?

Can homeopathy cure hair?

Homeopathy is an alternative method of treatment, the foundation of which is the use divorced drugs in tens or hundreds of times. Using of the substance in high concentrations causes some symptoms in the body, and in small doses, these symptoms must be eliminated. That is to say that treatment using homeopathy is based on the use of substances, such as those that caused the underlying cause of the disease.

The raw materials for the production of homeopathic medicines are various minerals, biological fluids of animals (e.g., snake poison), mushrooms, medicinal plants, honey. The official guide to homeopathic medicine indicates that as a whole in the preparation of drugs are used more than 1,200 kinds of raw materials. But widely used about 200.

The material is diluted in tens and hundreds of times, that is, the active ingredient is the most minimal amount, which has already, in principle, can not harm the body. Homeopathic medicines are used to treat a variety of diseases, but all the same to their use should be approached with caution. Homeopathic drugs are usually inexpensive and available funds, with a high content of active ingredients. In fact, homeopathic remedies are not medicine drugs, because of a small concentration of medicinal substances. According to doctors, it is not able to influence the cause of the disease.

Homeopathic pellets, solutions, tablets are not capable of treating those diseases that require emergency intervention because it can be fatal without appropriate treatment. The practitioner, a qualified homeopath, will not cure the patient if he sees that it is a condition of patient needs immediate medical or surgical care.

At the moment, there are plenty of recipes offered by doctors, homeopaths, to combat hair loss and baldness. In most cases, treatment with homeopathic medicines has a positive effect.

Does homeopathy medicine for hair fall?

Does homeopathy medicine for hair fall?

The positive results, according to many physicians may be due to the selection of just the right homeopathic remedy. The physician should establish a primary cause of excessive hair loss and in the selection of the preparation you need to take into account this fact. So, provoking factors that contribute to the deterioration of the hair are quite a lot. Most of them are associated with abnormalities of the internal organs, nervous stress, and lack of essential micronutrients. That means that homeopathy can help only if the cause the hair loss will correctly determine. Also, we must remember that homeopathy treatment can last for several months.

How to choose homeopathic medicine for hair fall control?

How to choose homeopathic medicine for hair fall control?

Ideally, the selection of homeopathic remedies to strengthen the hair should carry out by doctor homeopath. Therefore, if the opportunity is there, you need to visit the medical center where patients get expert advice from specialists. Doctors prescribe treatment based on the data inspection, survey and the study of patients' analyzes.

Supplements and herbs

Supplements and herbs

You should get the recommended daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids. One of the leading causes of hair loss is the inflammation which is caused by nutrient deficiency or stress. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, slow down hair loss and promote hair restoration.

  • Fish oil or flaxseed oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Every day, get two capsules or one tablespoon of fish oil.
  • Omega-3 is also found in salmon, oysters, walnuts and flax seeds, but even if you enter into the diet these products, you must continue to take fish oil and butter in a pure form.

You should get a sufficient amount of zinc in the daily diet. This element helps the process of synthesis of keratin. Zinc deficiency in the body is a frequent occurrence that can lead to hypothyroidism which is another cause of hair loss. Be sure to eat plenty of foods containing zinc, such as oysters, clams, chicken and other foods rich in this element. Moreover, it should take 30 mg of zinc per day in the form of dietary supplements.

If you have anemia, you should take iron. Anemia is a lack of red blood cells, which is also a cause of hair loss. Taking iron supplements, you can cure anemia, which would entail a restoration of hair follicles. This is certainly not a panacea, but if you know that you have anemia, you should take iron supplements. Consult your doctor if you think that iron supplements may help stop hair loss.

  • It is also recommended to eat foods rich in iron, such as spinach, tofu, legumes, shellfish and beef. Every day, take 325 ml of iron in the form of dietary supplements.
  • Iron deficiency is more common in women than men, especially during menstruation

homeopathy medicine for hair fall

Perhaps you should try biotin. Biotin is a vitamin group B, which is essential for hair growth. A low-level indicator of vitamin B in the body - is brittle hair and nails. The recommended daily dose is 2.5 mg. However, it is better to consult a doctor to determine the appropriate treatment for your body.

  • Avoid overdose, since too large amounts of biotin in the body, affects the body. As well as its drawback.
  • Most cases of hair loss are not associated with a lack of biotin, so do not expect a significant change, especially if you have not determined the cause of thinning hair. If the cause of loss of your hair is hormonal imbalances or genetics, the biotin is not much help.

Get a protein. Hair is made of protein, and with his lack of hair stops growing. The minimum required daily intake for women - 46 grams of protein, for men – 56 g. Add in the diet of protein foods, meat, fish, poultry, legumes, tofu, nuts, and herbs. If your body does not get enough protein from food, in which case you will need supplements.

"Saw Palmetto." This drug may help to prevent hair loss by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which leads to loss of hair in men. However, the effect of the drug is still not fully understood. According to the US Institute of Health, there is insufficient evidence action of the drug. For many years, this plant has been used to treat hair loss by Native Americans so that it may be worth a try. The recommended dose of the extract "With Palmetto" - 160 mg, the drug is taken twice a day. Buy extract containing 85-95% fatty acids.

Topical treatment

Topical treatment

Try procyanidin treatment. It is an antioxidant that is found in foods such as apples, grapes, blueberries, wild rose and green tea. According to a study conducted in Japan, male pattern baldness due to the neutralization of free radicals can be stopped by applying the paste to the scalp with a high content of procyanidins.

  • Procyanidins paste can be ordered over the Internet. Use a 0.7 percent solution on the head twice a day.
  • Given that no studies on the impact of the settlement for a female skin of the head, it is recommended to use procyanidin for women whose hair falls for hormonal reasons.

Treatment of rosemary. Rosemary is used to treating alopecia for many centuries, and it is utilized in the modern homeopathic treatment. It contributes to stimulation of cell growth on the scalp and reducing the accumulation of sebum, which can clog the hair follicles and hair growth pause. In addition, rosemary is an anti-inflammatory agent, and it can reduce inflammation, which leads to loss of hair.

  • Grind fresh rosemary leaves, add a little water and stir until then until the mix decides the consistency of paste. Apply the product on a head skin and let soak for 15 minutes, then rinse hair.
  • You can mix five drops of rosemary essential oil with a tablespoon of jojoba oil or almond oil and rub the mixture into the scalp. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

homeopathic medicine for hair fall control

  • Rosemary can be taken orally in the form of tea. Put a few sprigs of fresh rosemary in boiling water. Let the infusion brew for 5 minutes, then remove the branches and drink tea.

Cedar oil. Another anti-inflammatory agent is the essential oil of cedar, and it stimulates hair growth. Dilute five drops of cedar oil with a tablespoon of jojoba oil or almond oil. Rub the mixture into the scalp, and leave to soak for 15 minutes, then - rinse.

Massage your scalp using other oils. A regular head massage using mineral oils can help promote hair growth. Massage removes the dead skin layer, releasing the hair roots that have been blocked, causing new hair grow. For best effect, you can put a drop of the essential oil of rosemary and cedar on your hands. Regularly do a massage on a weekly basis using the following oils:

  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil

I recommend homeopathy medicine for hair loss and regrowth that have helped me. The composition of these formulations comprises the following active substances:


  1. Hydrofluoric acid in high concentrations is highly toxic and is used in the production of aluminum. In small doses, it helps to cope with the brittleness of curls and hair loss.
  2. Lycopodium disputes the plant from the family Lycopodiaceae. Treatment in homeopathy is carried out using powder of spores. It helps with postpartum alopecia, also actively fights early graying.
  3. Phosphorus is used in homeopathy as an antidote. Phosphorus should be combined with sulfur for hair fall
  4. Phosphoric acid - treated with small doses of the substance is indicated for hair loss, arising under the influence of stress, neurosis.
  5. Potash is struggling with an excessive dryness of the scalp and tresses.
  6. Natrium muriaticum treats dandruff arising under the influence seborrhea. Treatment with drugs with Natrium muriaticum should only be the appointment to a doctor - homeopath.
  7. Selenium is used when the hair loss is accompanied by tenderness of the scalp. Treatment with selenium is carried and if the hair fallout from the entire body.
  8. Sulfate of potassium is a drug against alopecia areata, yellow dandruff. It is used in agriculture as a fertilizer, is registered as a food additive. Large concentrations of potassium sulfate can cause gastrointestinal irritation.

These substances are part of many homeopathic preparations. I suggest that drugs are chosen strictly individually with the help of a doctor. This is the main reason that I do not write here special designations of drugs.

Natural homeopathic remedies for healthy hair

Natural homeopathic remedies for healthy hair

Herbal preparations against hair loss are presented in a large variety of different concentrations and performance: ointments, procedures of massaging, teas, and so on. For example, the egg yolk is considered one of the most effective shampoos, which treat dandruff, strengthens the roots, turning the hair in a luxurious chevelure. But remember that the egg should be natural, grown on the farm, without the addition of antibiotics.

Also, you can use the castor oil mixed with vitamin E to effectively restore hair. The vial of vitamin must be mixed with castor oil (1 tablespoon) and rub until the redness of the scalp. You need to carry out this procedure for three days and on the fourth wash your hair with egg yolk. Remember to wash your hair very carefully, because the protein residues on the hair can trigger the appearance of hair mite. Experience shows that after a while even the most complex cases of alopecia amenable to such treatment, and in place of baldness appear vellus hair.

In addition, homeopathy offers to use decoctions of hypericum, nettle, burdock root, onion peel to strengthen the roots, restore functions of the hair follicles, save the hair structure. Thus, homeopathy is bordered by traditional medicine on the one hand and is methods of impact traditional medicine on your hands.

An effective homeopathic remedy can often be doubtful since it consists of poisonous or harmful to the body components. But the poison becomes very different properties in small doses and dissolved form and can cure the most severe cases.

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Advantages of homeopathic medicine for hair fall treatment

Advantages of homeopathic medicine for hair fall treatment

Many people doubt this method of therapy, and they wonder: Is homeopathic medicine the best for hair loss treatment? Disputes experts do not stop until now, and what to believe - up to you. You should not expect any stunning results in the fastest possible time. Homeopathic remedies are aimed at strengthening the entire body, so as a result you will get not only the thick curls but and beautiful skin, healthy nails and an active immune system. At least, that's according to a set of positive reviews about homeopathy. The advantages of the method may also include the following:

  • Homeopathic medicine is inexpensive and very accessible. You can buy drugs in virtually every pharmacy, buy at the grocery store, or even you can grow it in the garden.
  • You can combine the homeopathy for hair loss treatment with other medications.
  • Proper uses of homeopathic medicines do not cause allergic reactions or side effects.
  • The first results can be seen in a couple of months, which is quite good for alternative medicine.
  • Unlike many medicines, homeopathic drugs are not addictive.

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