Can you have too much sex?

Have you ever thought of a possibility of having too much sex? Read this article to find out when having sex too often might be bad for your health.

too much sex

Sex is an essential part of our lives. However, did you know that sometimes you may have too much sex?
Having too much sex, especially with different partners, can cause many problems to your health. Let us figure out which exactly in this little exposition.

Rug Burns

rug burns

Burns on your genitals from too much rubbing is the obvious effect from having sex too often. More specifically, they can be caused by having rough sex. Certain positions become uncomfortable and you then you have to avoid having sex on body parts that might get rubbed too, such as back, knees etc.


sex dehydration

Sexual intercourse is an activity that requires many movements that make you sweat and lower the percentage of water in your organism. When you have too much sex, you might be dehydrated. Especially, when you have taken the alcohol before it. This problem is the most common

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

urinary tract infection

This problem can be very painful and uncomfortable. Especially for women, if they have sex very often with different partners. To avoid it, you should drink a lot of water and to empty the bladder before and after sex.

Strained Muscles

strained muscles

Muscle strains are another type of physical injuries caused by having too much sex. They provoke pain and even immobility. To recover, you are likely to be required to stay off sex for a while. Alternatively, you might just try some sex positions that do not require your injured muscles. Try to avoid involving your muscles that are not trained enough or not used being used in such frequency.

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Physical exhaustion

physical exhaustion

It is not as dangerous as it sounds, but physical exhaustion can affect your life in general. Consider, that sometimes you cannot afford going through your life being tired. Having sex for several times during the day will take all of your energy. During a sexual intercourse, our body releases the epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. They increase the heart rate and provoke the release of glucose. This activity might be tiring being font too frequently.

Weak Immunity

weak immunity

Your immunity is an essential part of your health and consider that its level is likely to become lower when you have sex too often. There is a special hormone called the prostaglandin E-2 and it’s released into your blood stream when you’re involved in the sexual act. This hormone is able to cause some problems, when it’s produced in big amounts. These problems are pain in muscles, lack of sexual stimulation, damaged tissues and weakening immunity.

Heart Attack

heart attack

Sex can be good and damaging for your heart at the same time. There are many situations when people have heart attacks during a sexual act. Do not forget that sex is a cardiovascular activity. Therefore, if you ever had heart problems, you should very cautious.

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