Can zika virus be transmitted sexually?

What do you know about Zika virus? Can it be transmitted sexually?

Zika virus

What is Zika virus? How can it be possible to catch Zika virus in Nigeria? What are the origins of Zika virus What are the symptoms of Zika virus? One of the most interesting questions for today can be composed, like “is Zika virus sexually transmitted”. Some of the latest researches provide the information that it can be quite true for several reasons. Health officials reported that Zika virus could be transmitted sexually. Scientist provided new evidence for this theory. Experts in the sphere of medicine developed mice models to test some vaccines to find the best Zika virus cure. According to the recent researches, the highest concentration of the Zika virus was found in the mice testes. According to the views of experts, testes might have the highest level of Zika virus. It can be even higher than the brain or spinal cord.

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Scientist revealed that the highest levels of Zika virus are concentrated in male testes. Experts still try to find Zika virus cure. Therefore, they created a mouse model in the case of testing treatments and vaccines for battling Zika virus. The mouse model can perfectly mimic the infection. Therefore, scientists managed to discover the signs of infection in the spinal cord and the brain. The origin of Zika virus comes from mosquitos. It causes neurological defects in the fetuses. Nevertheless, the recent discovery that the large concentration of Zika virus can be found in male`s testes only adds fuel to the theory that it can be perfectly spread sexually. This discovery came from the USA the Centers for Disease Control.

Scientist revealed that the highest levels of Zika virus

The lead study of Zika virus is provided by Dr Michael Diamond. The doctor provides information on the discovery from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Luis. According to her words, scientists did not expect to find Zika virus in that part of the body. They constructed the mouse model and provided it with the path to the testes as a simple monitoring process. Nevertheless, they were surprised that the highest levels of Zika virus were found in testes issues. Therefore, it only means that this virus can be perfectly transmitted sexually. Dr Michael Diamond continue the researches to determine for how long the viral levels of the virus can be sustained in the body. It can help to estimate the length of time Zika can be transmitted.

According to CDC recommendations in their first guidelines to Zika virus, people who are trying to conceive should illuminate their attempts if a man had confirmed to have Zika symptoms. They should use condoms or abstain from sex for at least six months.  Moreover, if a male or female partner visited regions which confirmed to have Zika virus, it`s necessary to abstain from sex for at least eight weeks after returning home. It`s necessary even there was no sex in the regions infected by Zika virus. The new guidelines for Zika virus should come with better understanding of how long Zika virus can be perceived in blood or semen.

The lead study of Zika virus

The current regions where Zika virus is ravaging right now are the Caribbean and Latin America. It`s projected that it can come to other countries during several months if it`s not stopped. Therefore, the urgent need for the vaccine against Zika is a high priority for many countries. It`s a special priority for the USA.  The new Zika cure model has been presented at the University of Texas Medical Branch where it was developed in 1976. Earlier models were not vital the virus was not injected directly into the mice` brains. The new models of virus provide the idea that infection occurs through the skin. It can generally be transmitted by Aegyptus mosquito.

According to the recent news connected with fighting the virus, the Washington University team tested five strains of Zika virus on mice. Zika virus has problems with establishing any infection in mice. Therefore, scientists used genetically modified mice in the way that it does not produce the key immune system signalling. It means no molecule interferon. According to the words of Dr Diamond, Zika virus can be perfectly transmitted and replicated in these genetically altered mousses and scientist can clearly see the sites of causing problems for humans. Nevertheless, it provided the results that genetically altered mice could only leave ten days after infection, where the normal mouse could develop only severe infections. The scientists revealed parallel lines of Zika virus in humans.

Zika virus in humans

According to the words of Dr Diamond, if a pregnant woman is infected with Zika virus, she can perfectly transmit the virus to the unborn baby via utero. Therefore, the newborn can also be susceptible to the infection. Nevertheless, it`s quite hard to see severe diseases developed with Zika virus. There was only small fraction who developed Guillain-Barre. The study of Dr Diamond was published in the Cell Host and Microbe journal.

What is Zika virus?

The origin of Zika virus is quite simple. It was firstly discovered in Uganda in 1947. The first patient that came with Zika virus was a mere monkey. The name Zika or Zeeka comes from the forest where it was firstly discovered.  It`s natural for tropical Africa and there some outbreaks in the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. The last time it appeared Brazil in 2014. Since then it was mainly reported in Caribbean islands and many Latin American countries. That was a simple story about how Zika virus came to our world.

What is Zika virus?

Zika virus and how it can be spread

It can be typically transmitted through the same kinds of mosquitos, like Aedes Aegypti. They can also perfectly spread other tropical diseases. The list of these diseases can be quite big, like yellow fever, dengue fever and chikungunya.

Zika virus can also be transmitted from person to person.  Nevertheless, new researches provided the information that Zika virus can be perfectly transmitted sexually. The World Health Organization provided the information that the transmission of Zika virus can be perfectly done through sex. Moreover, the Centers for Disease control provided new guidance connected with Zika virus.

The Centers of Disease control provided the information that people in the territories or connected to Zika virus territories should abstain from conceiving a child, use condoms during sex or abstain from sex for six months. According to the additional guidelines for Zika virus, if the female confirmed to have Zika virus or the male managed to travel to the regions connected to the Zika outbreaks, but has no symptoms, they should restrain for sex or conceive a child for eight weeks or have sex only with using condoms. The first outbreak of the Zika virus transmitted sexually was reported in Texas at the beginning of February. The patient became infected with the virus after sexual contact with a partner who recently returned from the region with Zika virus.

Zika virus and how it can be spread

According to the USA Center Disease Control, there were dozens of cases connected with Zika virus transmitted by sex contact. There are also reported cases in France and Canada. Before the new Zika virus outbreak, scientists reported that examples of sexual transmission of Zika virus were provided in 2008. One of the Colorado researchers provided the information that he infected his wife with Zika virus after returning from the region infected with the virus. There were also records that examples of Zika virus were found in the semen of the infected man in Tahiti.

Nevertheless, there was only evidence that men can transmit Zika virus through the semen to a partner. Still, there were no evidence that an infected woman can do the same to a partner. According to the news from The World Health Organization, Zika virus keeps spreading and booming in America region because it`s considered to be a new region for the virus. Therefore, people are not immune to it. Moreover, Aedes Aegypti mosquitos can be perfected carriers of the disease in the region. It can be especially dangerous in southern regions of the United States of America and North States of Mexico. There are not many places in America where it can`t find Aedes Aegypti mosquitos, like Chile and Canada.

Zika virus symptoms

Zika virus symptoms

The vast majority of people who are infected with Zika virus do not experience any symptoms at all. People who experience these symptoms can`t connect them with Zika virus as the symptoms are too mild, like red eyes, joint pain, rash and fever. Nevertheless, these symptoms can last no more than one week. Still, there is no specific treatment against this virus, and nothing can currently protect for several development stages.

Zika Virus concerns

There were cases connected with Zika virus in Brazil. Zika virus found in pregnant women managed to provide a rare birth defect called microcephaly. It means that newborn children can be born with small heads compare to the body and have problems with brains developing. Brazilian health officials provided the information about the outbreaks of microcephaly of newborn children in Brazil in tandem with newly discovered Zika virus on the continent.

Zika virus symptoms

According to the country officials, there were registered more than 860 cases of microcephaly of children. As it was expected, mothers of the children were infected with Zika virus. Brazilian authorities also inspected more than 4200 additional cases suspected with microcephaly. Nevertheless, Brazillian authorities reported more than 1500 cases of suspected cases for microcephaly on March of this year.

Still, Zika has not been proven to cause microcephaly. Nevertheless, The World Health Organization provided an assumption that it really can provided cases of microcephaly for children and mother can provide the legacy of the Zika virus.

The World Health organisation also started a line of researches that connected with Zika virus. For this time, scientists try to find a connection between Zika virus and nerve condition, which is called Guillain-Barre. This condition can perfectly cause paralysis.

A Purdue University team recently revealed researches, where they managed to provide a molecular map of the Zika virus. It showed important structural elements that can be a good ground for a scientific finding of the core for the problem. It can also provide some hints of finding a cure for the virus. The map revealed some important differences in the key proteins for the map that can explain why Zika virus has a desire to attack nerve cells, where other family members of that virus, like West Nile, Yellow Fever and Dengue have no desire to attack nerves.

Is it possible to stop Zika Virus?

Is it possible to stop Zika Virus?

For individuals, it`s totally possible to protect themselves from mosquito bites with using some insect repellents. It can be quite possible for individuals to wear clothes with long sleeves and long pants. It`s especially necessary during daylights when mosquitos are extremely active. You should totally eliminate breeding spots of mosquitos and prevent mosquitos’ population from spreading.

Zika virus outbreak to the USA

According to the words of leading health experts, Zika virus will continue its spreading and will reach the cost of the USA in the closest time. With the rising of the temperatures across the country, the broods’ o mosquitos will appear and spread Zika virus. The danger zones for the very beginning of the spreading can be the south-eastern parts of the USA. According to the USA National Center for Atmospheric Research, Zika virus can be perfectly placed In 50 USA cities across the south border with Mexico.

The most endangered cities and states for Zika virus are:

  • Savannah, Georgia state
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Miami, Florida
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Charleston, South Carolina

Many cities in South Florida together with the areas in southern Texas can carry the highest risks for the Zika virus outbreak in the USA. Nevertheless, mosquitos can be projected to appear in far West cities, like Los Angeles and Phoenix. It can also be dangerous for far North cities, like New York.

Zika virus outbreak to the USA

According to the Center for Disease control, the modern Zika virus is quite unpredictable in the spreading areas as the mosquitos that can bear the virus can appear in any part of the country. Nevertheless, scientists decided and modelled most of their experiments taking into the idea that the main danger zones would be provided in the South. They also revealed new maps for estimated range of Aedes Aegypti and family members of these mosquitos. As it was expected, the most bunch of the mosquitos would take place in the southern parts of the countries.

Still, some scientists give predictions that the range area of Aedes Aegypti mosquito can be wider and even touch Northern regions of the country. The Centers for Disease control also provided maps that can help to trace where mosquitos prefer to stay in the previous times.

Zika Virus Travel guidance

Zika Virus Travel guidance

According to the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control, pregnant women of the USA shouldn`t take part into travelling to at least thirty destinations. It includes next countries and territories, like South Pacific’s Samoa, Western coasts of Africa, Cape Verde. It can also be Puerto Ricco, St. Martin, Martinique, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Barbados in the Caribbean. Latin America countries, like: Venezuela, Suriname, Paraguay, Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, Guatemala, French Guiana, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia.

There are continues reports in Brazil that mother who had Zika virus could only bear children with microcephaly. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control gives guidelines to couples, that if one of them traveled to a country where the Zika virus is spread, even if he was not confirmed as virus transmitter, the couple should restrain from conceiving a child, having sex without condom or restrain from sex for six months’ period.


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