Causes of bad breath – 5 causes and prevention methods for Nigerians

Learn what causes bad breath and how to prevent or treat it naturally. Our best remedies laid out for you.

Besides being a medical problem bad breath can become a social one. You go to work or date and it can cause some real trouble. That is why people keep asking what causes bad breath. It can be triggered by different factors – dental problems, diseases, smoking and so on.

causes of bad breath

Doctors usually call bad breath halitosis. It can be a sign of some health problems or bad dental habits. It also depends on what you eat and some foods can make this problem ever worse. For instance, if you eat something with a strong odor (like garlic) nothing will help you to hide the smell – not even brushing or mouthwash. You won't get rid of the problem till the food finally passes through your organism.

Causes of bad breath:

  1. heavy smoking or chewing tobacco (tobacco has a very strong smell, which is hard to get rid of),

  2. bad dental habits (neglecting of brushing, for example),

  3. dental and gastrointestinal tract diseases,

  4. alcohol,

  5. smelly food.

Bad habits may worsen your breath problems or even become a cause of it. If you permanently feel bad breath or unpleasant taste in your mouth – it may be a signal of dental problems. Bad dental habits may cause bacterial growth between teeth, on your tongue, and around gums. To reduce the quantity of bacteria, you can use special antibacterial rinses.

If you do not clean your teeth thoroughly, it may also become a bad breath cause. Small particles of food get stuck between the teeth and start decaying.

Health problems connected with bad breath

More prevalent health problems, which are connected with bad breath, are dental ones. They can be:

  • gum diseases,

  • yeast infections,

  • caries,

  • xerostomia (known as dry mouth).

Several other diseases cause bad breath. They are respiratory infections (like pneumonia), chronic sinus infections, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, acid reflux and some others.

Since it is a widely spread problem among the Nigerian people, they are always in search of solutions to bad breath.

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Prevention of bad breath:

Causes of bad breath 2

The best way to avoid bad breath is to prevent it. To do so you need to follow certain advices.

  1. Oral hygiene 
    Try not to forget cleaning teeth properly at least twice a day. You should remove all the food debris. It would be better to brush your teeth every time after you have a meal (you need to carry the brush with you all the time, even at school or at work in this case). It is important not to forget to clean the tongue. The other thing you should remember is to replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months and after you have illness. It’s also advisable to use floss at least once a day.
  2. Visiting a specialist
    You may prevent any breath problems, if you regularly visit your dentist (two times a year at least). The doctor can not only examine your cavity but also propose professional teeth cleaning. If there're any dental diseases, the doctor will treat them. Otherwise, they can cause an unpleasant odor or even toothache.
  3. Writing down what you eat during the day
    You can show the log to your dentist later and the doctor will tell if something from the list may cause bad breath.
  4. Give up smoking 
    Doctor can also give you some tips on the subject.
  5. Drink more water
    Water will help to keep the cavity moist. Besides, it is good to chew gums or suck candies (better sugarless). They stimulate saliva production, which helps washing away bacteria and food debris.

Treatment of bad breath

treatment for bad breat

  • If such problem persists, you need to know how to cure bad breath. Treatment usually depends on the cause. However, despite of the origin you should always use prevention advices along with the treatment (properly brush your teeth, use floss, visit a dentist, drink water and so on).
  • Nowadays there're many home remedies for bad breath. They include:
  • chewing parsley/mint/basil (chlorophyll neutralizes odors),
  • cleaning and removing dentures at night time (if you have ones),
  • drinking lots of cool water (especially in the morning),
  • cleaning your teeth regularly,
  • chewing cloves or anise seeds (they possess antiseptic qualities),
  • chewing orange or lemon rind (a good way of breath refreshment),
  • using alcohol-free mouthwash rinses (you can make it by yourself: mix water (one cup) and soda (a teaspoon), add several drops of peppermint oil).

A good natural recipe for your breath includes the following ingredients:

best bad breath remedy

  • apple chunks (1 cup),
  • plain nonfat yogurt (3–5 tablespoons),
  • crushed walnuts (0,5 cup),
  • grated carrot (1 cup),
  • cinnamon,
  • diced celery (1 cup),
  • dried cranberries (0,5 cup).


  • mix fruit, vegetables and nuts in a big bowl,
  • moisten them with the yogurt,
  • powder the mixture with cinnamon.

Positive effects:

  • raw fruit and vegetables will help to thoroughly clean the teeth,
  • pectin in apples controls the odors,
  • cinnamon possesses antimicrobial qualities,
  • yogurt contains active cultures, which reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria.

Sometimes natural treatment does not help. In this case, it is better to find the reason of bad breath and get rid of it. So, if the reason is tobacco – try to quit it, if you have any diseases – try to cure them.

In certain situations, people need a doctor to help them. In most cases dentist can solve your problem. He or she will examine your mouth to make sure, if it is healthy. If it is not, you will get special treatment. For instance, if you have dry mouth, the doctor can prescribe you artificial saliva. To reduce symptoms a special toothpaste or mouthwash can also be prescribed. However, if it occurs to be all right then you'll be referred to a certain specialist or to your family doctor to detect the disease or other problem.

A person is definitely in need of medical help if has the following symptoms:

  • persistent dryness in the mouth,
  • fever,
  • broken teeth or dental pain,
  • spots on the tonsils,
  • sores in the mouth,
  • pain,
  • difficulty with chewing/swallowing.

If bad breath has started after taking new medicine, you also should see a doctor to have the other medicine prescribed (because it means that pills have a bad influence on your stomach or liver).

Effective treatment is possible!

Your problem will be solved, if you follow the advices given below:

  • always follow all the prescriptions that your doctor gives you, use all the necessary medicines (never mind if it is a dentist of some other specialist),
  • tell the specialist about all the symptoms beside bad breath,
  • if your doctor prescribes you a diet, you should keep to it (sometimes even food causes bad breath),
  • engage in basic hygiene (teeth cleaning, flossing, etc.).

As you may see, the causes of bad breath are many. It is not a nice thing to deal with and it can be quite annoying, but you our remedies and prevention tips would help you deal with it efficiently.

Watch this video to find the best bad breath cure:


bad smell in the mouth can speak some diseases of the oral cavity so you need to monitor your teeth and while brushing them because even after taking the food between the teeth food gets stuck and starts to rot here already and there is a nasty smell here. Carry if not a toothbrush but dental floss and mouthwash, it will significantly help to avoid problems with caries formation which also affects smelly breath. Also if you have a sore throat starts dry and this too can affect a disgusting smell.

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