Change eye color: how to do it naturally?

Is it possible to change the color of your eyes to a lighter shade naturally? Get the 4 working methods!

Change eye color

There are many people out there who are not happy with their looks. Some wish to lighten their skin; others get tons of suntan to become darker. And many people wish they had the lighter color of eyes. Can you change it naturally? Let’s find out.

How to naturally change eye color?

First of all let’s find out why we get the eye color we have. Why do we have it and what creates it?

  • Eye color is passed to us genetically from our parents or ancestors;
  • Melanin is what gives darker or lighter shade to your eyes. It’s the same coloring agents that turns skin darker (or lighter, if it is absent in the body or found in small quantities);
  • There are three major eye colors: green, blue and brown;

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 eye color

Now when you know how you got your eye color, let’s find out what are the chances of changing it naturally. The permanent change is hardly possible. However, you may do things to lighten the color a bit, but be careful not to damage your sight.

Natural methods for change of the eye color:

  1. Honey
    Even in the Bible when Jonathan ate honey, his eyes got lighter and changed their color for a period of time. This method works for dark brown eyes and you can temporarily change the color to a lighter shade.
    Here is what you do. You use organic honey and water. Only make sure you are not allergic to honey. You mix a bit of honey with the same amount of water. Use clear bottled one and make it lukewarm, instead of using the cold water. Put few drops of the mixture in each eye. Honey possesses anti bacterial properties and can cure infection and it lightens the eye color a bit for a short time. If you keep doing it for two weeks in a row, you can attain some positive results in eye color lightening.
    Change eye
  2. Diet
    What you eat affects your whole body. If we produce lots of serotonin (happiness hormone), our eye pupils get larger and the eyes change color to a lighter shade. So, eat the happy foods, such as chocolate, bananas, etc.
  3. Herbal cleanses
    If you drink them regularly, you can reduce the amount of melanin in the skin and eyes and attain a temporary effect.
    Change eye color how to do it
  4. Emotions
    If you stay happy, your eyes naturally change the color to a lighter shade. So, control your emotions to be satisfied with life! And let your eyes shine.

These four tips are good on changing the color of your eyes to a lighter one naturally. Use them and be well.

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