Dark spots remover: how to get rid of pigmentation?

As you see, these remedies really work and can help you to remove dark spots and preserve the beauty of your skin!

how to get rid of pigmentation

Most of us want to look perfect in any situation. Although sometimes it is complex without a hard work. You can have not so essential problems with appearance, but even such miseries as pimples or black spots can bring you down. But there is the solution. Look through 9 popular spots removers and choose the dark spots remover you like the most.

Dark spots remover. 9 dark spots removers

1. Lemon

Lemon juice is an efficient and absolutely natural way to take out dark spots. Saturate a cotton swab into the lemon juice and touch the dark spots areas. Wait for several minutes and wash up with a cold water. Repeat the procedure every week.

Also you can use another method. Take the half of lemon and put its edge into the sugar. Rub the spots with the lemon, wait until your face becomes dry and wash up. Water should be cold in both variants.

Lemon is not the worst dark spots remover but it is not the best one as well. If you use the lemon, use also a sunblock cream. One of the black spots causes is a plenty of sun. Lemon leaves skin exposed so it needs an additional protection. 

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2. Aloe

Aloe is much more useful than lemon. It doesn’t hurt the skin but nourishes it and protects from the sun. That is why many face creams consist aloe. To remove dark spots take the aloe juice and apply it topically. Do this for several weeks two times a day.


3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also very helpful. It normalizes a skin state if is wormed into it as an oil. And the normalization is better than simple lightening. Although the lemon method is popular enough, its harm is essential. At the same time aloe and vitamin E have not such minuses.

4. Lightening creams

There are some lightening creams that allow to light skin areas which you want. And if to choose between lemon and these tools, better use lemon. It has less minuses (of course, if you have not the allergy). Creams make your skin dry, itching, irritated and may include very injurious. 


5. Laser

Laser destroys the cells that cause spots. It is a very effective dark spots remover. The main weak points are money and time. You need several sessions to get a result, and this factor makes the price just higher. Although you need time even if you use any other variant, and this one really works.

6. Peppermint

The oil of peppermint also may help you to get rid of dark spots. It does not cause the skin irritation, though it prevents the infection and protects the skin.

 get rid of pigmentation

7. Olive oil

Take the oil, work it accurately in the skin till it will be soaked up. Than dip a towel into a warm water and gently mop up the face. Wait a little and wash up.

olive oil

8. Baking soda

Add some water to baking soda before to start. Then wash up with this mixture, repeat the procedure two or three times a week. Soon you will notice the results. Baking soda clears your skin, and dark spots start to disappear. But be careful – baking soda is a severe and even harmful method if you do not use something like cream after the session. Soda damages the skin, so use cream to avoid the dermal irritation.  

9. Tea tree oil

It is very important to mix the oil with water as the tea tree oil is very strong. Mix from two to four drops with one or two tablespoons, dip a cotton ball into it and wipe the problem areas. Use this dark spots remover several times a day.

Now you see – there is no problem in a pigmentation. Does not matter what the dark spots remover is best for you. Even if there are not any result, do not give up and try something else. You got this. Good luck.

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