Depression: does it damage your brain?

Are people suffering from depression weak? The science has the clear answer to this question.

Does depression damage your brain?

What happens when you get depressed? Is it just a human weakness, or something really happens to your body and brain and you cannot fix it on your own? Find out about the latest scientific discovery now.

Does depression damage your brain?

In the past people considered depression as human weakness. They believed you give in to your emotions and have the lack of will. People with depression struggled to get out of it on their own. They were not offered any help. Moreover, they were nagged by others and reproached for their weaknesses.

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depression damage your brain?

Later on doctors admitted that depression is a disease. They considered it a psychiatric condition. So, till this time many people wish to know the answer to this question: is depression a mental illness? Well, doctors have a clear response: depression is a mental disorder, but not a mental illness. There is a huge difference between the two. A disorder can get back to normal, while a disease or illness is a more serious diagnosis and requires special treatment. Patients with mental illness may never get back to normal!

Over 9000 took part in the latest study. Here is what scientists discovered. Depression severely affects the brain and damages its part called hippocampus. This part of the brain is responsible for new memories and it controls the emotions. It grows much smaller in size, being affected by depression, which leads to even deeper depression.

Now we can say that depression is not a choice. It’s a disorder that affects your brain and can damage it, unless you get adequate help.


it's well known that brain health is connected to depression risks. Many studies have demonstrated that, but I think that depression can be cured separately by different methods, check this relevant article


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