Diabetes Mellitus: causes and consequences

How diabetes develops? What are its symptoms? Find necessary information to lead a healthy life!

Many people with Diabetes Mellitus don't know about their disease. They do their daily businesses and don't pay attention to symptoms. Meanwhile diabetes gradually destroys their organism. The initial stage of ignoring of diabetes can end with heart attack, failure of kidneys. There are problems with legs. Less often, diabetics fall into a coma because of the raised sugar in blood, pass through reanimation, and only then begin to treat.

What does diabetes mellitus mean

What does diabetes mellitus mean?

Diabetes Mellitus is a violation of exchange of sugar and water in organism. Violation of functions of pancreas is a consequence of it. These organs produce the hormone called insulin. Insulin participates in sugar processing. Without it, organism can't carry out transformation of sugar into glucose. Sugar collects in person's blood and is removed in large numbers from organism through urine.

Water exchange is broken in parallel with it. Tissue can't hold water. As a result, many water is removed through kidneys.

What causes diabetes mellitus

What causes diabetes mellitus?

Genetic predisposition is the cornerstone of development of 1st type of diabetes. Besides, often immune system damages cells. They lose ability to produce insulin. The anti-genes contributing to disease of diabetes are revealed. At their certain combination, the risk of development of illness sharply increases. 2nd type of diabetes is also descended. At the same time, production of insulin doesn't stop, but sharply decreases or the organism loses an opportunity to identify it.

Frequent reasons are also: obesity, nervous stress, age, and viral infections.

Diabetes Mellitus definition

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Diabetes Mellitus symptoms

Diabetes Mellitus definition begins with the following actions: you should check is Diabetes Mellitus type 1 or 2.

Signs of type 1 are:

  • Strong thirst;
  • The person drinks up to 3-5 liters of liquid per day;
  • Acetone smell in the exhaled air;
  • The patient has an increased appetite. He eats much, but at the same time sharply grows thin;
  • A frequent and plentiful urination, especially at night;
  • Wounds heal badly;
  • Skin itches. Often there are fungi or furuncles.

Diabetes Mellitus treatment

Signs of type 2 are:

  • Deterioration in sight, a problem with memory, weakness;
  • Problems with skin: the itch, frequent fungi, wounds and any damages heal badly;
  • Thirst and frequent urination;
  • Sleep or pricking in legs, pain while walking;
  • Women have a thrush, which difficult respond to treatment;
  • At late stages of a disease weight is lost without diets.

Diabetes Mellitus diagnosis can be made at the doctor. Visit endocrinologist immediately at detection of symptoms.

How to prevent diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus treatment

Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus means an obligatory diet, sports activities. Sometimes it includes insulin therapy. The patient needs to give up smoking. It is also desirable to refuse of alcohol.

You have to check sugar level in blood regularly. For this purpose, there are special devices such as glucometer. Full treatment is impossible without supervision of the doctor.

Diabetes Mellitus type 1 or 2

How to prevent diabetes mellitus?

Healthy food is necessary in prevention of diabetes of any type. First of all, it is necessary to support water balance in organism. You also should refuse cereals and sweet food or just to reduce their quantity. Regular physical activities are also the guaranteed method of prevention of any diseases.


Yeah, DIABETES IS terrible disease that must be treated early on. You can not run diabetes, because the consequences can be the most unpredictable. I am with my own experience I know what it is, how to treat it. For many years, my grandmother had diabetes. Previously, she was taking pills, but the condition worsened and she now currently colitis insulin comply with a strict diet. To prevent disease, it is necessary from a young age to take care of your health, because it is the most valuable thing we have.

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