Did wild polio virus return to Nigeria?

Is wild polio virus back in our country? What should you do to protect your child? What do authorities say? You’ll find out all the latest news about the terrible disease here!

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July 24, 2014, for the first time in the history of Nigeria the transmission of wild polio virus was interrupted, resulting in its removal (according to the WHO, World Health Organization) from the list of world countries where this disease is endemic. On July 24, this year Nigeria managed to reach a special landmark having two years without any cases of wild polio virus infection.

Poliovirus is a highly infectious disorder, which is suffered by children and transmitted from person-to-person due to food or water. When it gets into the body, poliovirus breaks it down, resulting in whole paralysis. Nigeria had a specific goal to eradicate polio for at least two long decades, therefore, now it’s very close to ensure that it is eradicated, as smallpox before.

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African continent and also the rest of our World applauded this feat and anticipated that by July next year, the World Health Organization would officially call Nigeria and the entire West African area totally polio free. All people need to do to maintain its status as the zero case, is to strengthen the supervision system (poliovirus vaccine), improving routine immunization and, of course, maintenance of a high quality campaign.

But an unfortunate and unexpected re-emergence of wild polio virus in two kids from Borno State has become a main obstacle for the global polio eradication. Well, it is obvious that the rebel movement in the region and the massive displacement of people has made a crucial effect in changing progress, because the medical vaccination missions’ staff was sent and murdered by Boko Haram. This has almost destroyed the dreams of global health government to claim a continent free of poliomyelitis in the near future.

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 Due to this information, Nigeria has already become the last country having the people infected with the wild polio virus in African continent. There are only two continents left, the other one is Asia. They both still wait to be certified as polio free. The major thing needed right now in this fight is patience. Nigerian polio eradication drive needs unwavering diligence and also total discretion to ensure that every child has got the oral polio vaccine. Nigeria could defeat polio before. So we can and must do it again.

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 Also all the attention and commitment, which is focused on the general funding of different public health programs at national level must be extended to all the states. The same innovative policies that allowed the country to immunize millions of kids (before any poliovirus symptoms appeared), even in hard-to-reach and dangerous areas should be resumed immediately and deployed.

The innovative fight and partnerships will begin together with the UNICEF, World Health Organization, also the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation cooperating with the hundreds of volunteers that previously made it possible for Nigeria to conquer the virus. All the battles against the polio must be resumed right now.

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 But authorities should not forget that a lot of efforts should be used in order to end the Boko Haram existence. Everything must be done to save children and the success of all the renewed will come soon. The future of Nigeria must be saved.

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