Do breast cysts hurt?

Quite often we forget to care about our own health, especially if the symptoms are not visible. In this article, we'll talk about breast cysts and its symptoms.

Breast cyst

A breast cyst is a common, single or multiple pathologies of the breast. Usually, the disease is asymptomatic for a long time, and only after some time, you can feel soreness and burning in the breast. These symptoms are worse before and during menstruation. Breast cyst is accompanied by inflammation and suppuration of the cystic cavity. The disease rarely degenerates into cancer, and, nevertheless, has overstated the risk of developing neoplasms. It is often accompanied by hormonal abnormalities that occur in the genital area. Large cysts can change the shape of the breast.

Physiologically, a cyst is a cavity bounded by a connective capsule and filled with inflammatory fluid.

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Signs and symptoms of breast cysts

The small size cyst very rarely bothers the patient. They are most often identified by accident, after undergoing mammography. Enlarged cystic masses cause pain, sealing of the mammary glands. This usually occurs several days before the menstruation.

Large cyst, filled with secret, manifest constant pain, pulling sensations, burning, or uneven seals.

Breast disease

Breast cyst can be seen clinically regardless of the menstrual cycle. A huge, gigantic cysts are determined by the visible deformation of the breast, redness, and even lividity of the skin.

Any inflammation in the cyst is characterized by fever, redness of the skin, a small or even large increase in the axillary lymph nodes.

Characteristic symptoms:

  • Palpable pain in the chest
  • Burning and pulling sensations
  • The change in the color of the skin
  • Deformation of the breast
  • Fever

Normal and not normal breasts

What is the danger of breast cyst?

Neoplasm of the breast is not dangerous to a woman's life. Of course, it can lower the quality of life with distinct symptoms, but it's rarely a pathology that degenerates into cancer. According to statistics, every third woman has a cyst in her breasts, and many don't even know it. Facing with illness, a woman starts to panic in fear of cancer. This is not necessary; you just have to start the treatment in time. With early detection of the disease, you must eliminate the cause and to conduct a comprehensive therapy.

Woman with cyst

Does breast cyst resolve itself?

It's quite rare when the cyst resolves itself. Therefore, you should start curing the disease as fast as you can. Even small cysts don't resolve on their own, and are treated with a conservative method. Only the doctor prescribes treatment, carefully watching the dynamics of the condition of the cysts. Self-treatment without diagnosis is unacceptable.

Don't experiment on your health with the expectations that a seal will resolve. Contact a doctor immediately.

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