Do cancer cells feed on sugar?

Do you know what makes cancer cells grow and spread around your body? What do they feed on? We have searched for the answers and here is what we know so far.

cancer cells sugar

The discussion around the influence of sugar consumption on the growth of cancer cells has been quite popular recently. People claim that sugar can be the biggest cause of the disease in question developed in your body.

However, seeing that many people are not sure whether sugar actually feeds cancer, we have decided to make sure you understand the whole situation as it is. That is why let’s have a scientific perspective on the issue.

Scientific perspective on the connection between sugar and cancer

The thing is that every little cell in your body needs sugar, or being more precise glucose, for proper functioning. This means that glucose is the trigger that makes all the cells in your body grow and divide. The consumption of sugar from fruit, vegetables, honey, and milk, is so important that there are special mechanisms in our body that are turned on when not enough sugar is consumed.

The rumor about the possibility of sugar increasing the chances of developing cancer made certain people avoid sugar at all in all the foods they pick for their daily menu. However, such a decision can only lead your body to experience more stress than ever, given that a vital element is missing from the right work of the body. On the contrary, increasing sugar can lead to overloading your body with it and obesity as well as lower protection ability of the immune system.

Here is an official data we have found online: “Much research shows that it is sugar’s relationship to higher insulin levels and related growth factors that may influence cancer cell growth the most, and increase the risk of other chronic diseases. Many types of cancer cells have plenty of insulin receptors, making them respond more than healthy cells to insulin’s ability to promote growth.

cancer cells feed on sugar

All carbohydrates you eat are broken down into simple sugars in the intestine, where they are absorbed into the blood, increasing blood sugar levels. The pancreas releases insulin in response, which travels throughout the bloodstream, and performs several important jobs.”

Among the main functions, sugar is doing in your body are keeping extra calories you get from the food in the form of fat for the times when you’ll eat less as well as special chemical connections built between this element and the cells in the human boy.

About the high levels of insulin

The thing is that “eating a lot of simple carbohydrate at once can raise insulin levels quickly. High insulin levels can lead to a rapid fall in blood sugar, in a sort of “rebound” effect. Low blood sugar levels then signal the body that it is low on fuel. This triggers appetite, encouraging you to eat again, to bring blood sugar levels back up again. While levels are “bottoming out,” people are hungry, irritable and prone to overeating. This can become a “vicious cycle,” with the body’s blood sugar and insulin levels going up and down rapidly. The extra calories you eat can cause weight gain, especially because the excess insulin encourages fat storage.”

do cancer cells feed on sugar

Therefore, the high levels of insulin are not safe, so one should not eat too much food that contains sugar and glucose in it. This can lead to the increased chances of cancer. However, no scientific evidence has been made so far, so no scholars support that there is an official link.

Does diabetes mean increased chance of cancer?

In fact, it does. Diabetes caused by the deficiency of insulin in one’s blood is often accompanied by insulin resistance. As a result, a person with diabetes is more likely to suffer from cancers of the pancreatic, liver, colorectal, bladder, endometrial, and breasts.

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This is unfortunate news which emphasizes who important for a person with diabetes to follow the instruction of a doctor on how to keep the level of sugar under control. Therefore, keep this in mind if you are prone to diabetes.

do cancer cells feed on sugar substitutes

Do cancer cells feed on sugar?

However, let’s move on the connection between the sugar consumed and the chances of developing cancer or making the cancer cells grow faster. What happens when you eat lots of sugary food or drink too much sugary water? You gain weight, as your body does not need as many calories as you are eating.

Here is another quote from trusted sources with medical expertise in the area. They claim that since we eat different food throughout the day, it is not easy to state the influence of sugar and sugar substitutes alone on the possibility to develop cancer.

However, here is what they have found out for sure: People that eat lots of foods that contain sugar on a daily basis. That is why they concluded that “eating lots of foods that have sugar added means you are more likely to put on weight. Research shows that being overweight or obese increases your risk of cancer. Being obese may cause changes in hormone levels. Changes to sex hormones or insulin might increase the risk of developing breast, colon or uterine cancer. A healthy body weight will be different for everyone, so check with your doctor about what a healthy body weight is for you.”

cancer cells feed on the sugar-free diet

How to prevent sugar overdose and cancer development?

First of all, you should move more to get rid of excessive calories you consume during the day. The higher your weight is, the higher you chances are to develop cancer and stimulate the cancer cells growth.

Apart from that, try to maintain weight which healthy according to different parameters of your health. Especially pay attention to gaining weight on the belly, which the most dangerous to your health.

On top of that, consider eating more frequently but in smaller portions. Opt for healthy plant-based snacks instead of sugary processed foods to avoid obesity and increase the general health condition.

When talking about the peculiarities of your diet that you should keep in mind, there are a few things for you to bear in mind:

  • Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks as they end up in increasing the generally higher levels of blood sugar;
  • Opt for adding more kefir and natural yogurts to your diet;
  • Choose water and juices out of fresh vegetables instead of regular sweetened coffee and sodas;
  • Do not eat candies or cakes for dessert but rather pick fruit and vegetables for a change.
  • If you like bread with all your meals, opt for whole-grain one instead of white bagels or oat ones;
  • Eat more foods like rice, pasta, or barley as they have low GI;
  • Eat more apples, beans, and legumes;
  • Cut the fat you consume with your foods.

All in all, this is what you need to know about the fact that cancer cells grow on sugar. There is no evidence that the cancer cells grow lower on the sugar-free diet. However, your blood sugar should stay under control at all times to prevent cancer. Keep this information in mind when planning your menu for the next week or cutting glucose out of your ration completely. Stay healthy!


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