Do diet pills work? Is it safe to take them?

Do you take diet pills? Do they work for you? Find the description of each one of them in this article!

diet pills

Diet pills are part of a booming fitness-obsession throughout the world. People of all ages take them as an easy measure to lose weight.
But do they really work and are they for the organism? Let us figure out!

There are three general types of diet pills:

Powerful laxatives


They are believed to “flush” or “melt” fat, and “cleanse” your body. Then you’ll be spending a lot of time on the toilet. They tend to contain natural laxatives such as psyllium, rhubarb powder, and cascara. They come with warnings to drink lots of water and avoid taking other medication within two hours, as the desired effect of the other medicine may be reduced s, and also that overuse can create a dependence on laxatives.


diet pills

The labels claim that they burn calories, burn fat and increase metabolism. They are likely to make you feel jittery and on edge, and may cause your heart to race.
Common ingredients include caffeine, sometimes two to three cups of coffee worth in a single pill, and often green tea extract.

Appetite suppressants

diet pills

These claim to kill hunger pangs and make you feel full. High insoluble fiber tends to increase satiety, but it also creates gastrointestinal issues like gas, bloating and diarrhea.
A common ingredient is hoodia, an African plant that some claim kills hunger (so far no research studies prove it’s safe and effective).
Green tea extract and psyllium are also commonly found in suppressants.

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Do diet pills really work?

diet pills

Medical experts and pharmacists roundly say they don’t. If weight loss came in a bottle, the world would be slim. There a lot of side effects, described higher but they are possible to deal with. Before taking any of them, don’t forget that it’s in fact a drug. So, ask always ask your family doctor for advice, if you care for your health.
While drugs may be part of the answer to a weight problem for a few people, there’s one method, recommended for everyone: exercise. It’s nearly impossible to maintain weight loss without.

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