Do diet teas work?

Dream to find useful diet teas and start losing weight? What tips should you use choosing it? How to prevent dangerous poisoning? You’ll find out everything in this article!

 cleansing diet teas

Each representative of females wants to have the perfect shape. One of the ways to make themselves beautiful, and get rid of unnecessary or even harmful substances from the body, is the use of cleansing diet teas. Of course, it does not burn the fat on the waist immediately, does not remove cellulite with slender legs, but it is a great tool for getting rid of extra fluid from the body and at the same time forget  about the harmful substances, toxins and wastes - that can reduce your weight.

Diet teas

diet teas

Using cleansing tea to lose weight you need to remember only one simple truth, which is important in all forms of human activity: the main thing is not to overdo it. Try not to deplete your body, so the process of weight loss gives the desired results and do not bring you any shadow of any problems. Therefore, some experts do not recommend reducing your weight with strict diets, and advise to try to start cleansing tea for weight loss, in order to reduce body weight due to the natural purification of the body.

losing weight

Conscientious manufacturers make this type of tea from natural ingredients - for example, using tangerine peel, conducive the work of your stomach. Also, in the manufacture of cleaning tea it is common to use lotus leaf and green tea, which has diuretic properties, and rhubarb extract, known for its laxative properties. Among the components there are more exotic ingredients such as Hoodia Gordonii, which overwhelms the insidious machinations of the appetite or thirst. Thus, natural ingredients and reasonable approach help to lose weight without harm to health.

Chinese tea

In any case, you should note that tea cleans the body, but it is not intended for any long-term use, no matter what natural composition it has. Cleansing tea should be a temporary mean of cleansing the body, but not dope for it. The key word here, as you know, is ‘temporary’. It is known that human nature can quite quickly get used to a certain influence from the outside, and when it is removed, it may require the return of the exposure that is not desirable. Moreover, this kind of tea is for output of harmful substances, not all in a row, including vitamins and other - very useful elements. At the sight of so many warnings it is not necessary ‘to move back’. You are ‘forearmed’, if you are aware.

And if your awareness is supported by the advice of your personal nutritionist, it is even better! Because each of us has his own quirky body, and for each person the most effective cleansing tea is the one based on individual characteristics.

Teas for bowel cleaning

Teas for bowel cleaning

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Any special diets or diet pills are really powerless, if the metabolic processes are violated, and some synthesis processes and also accumulation dominate decay, they cause the accumulation of your fat. Some people say that there is a guaranteed method for you to lose some extra kilos; it is very useful and also very delicious - special teas for weight loss. Such teas are always made of special herbal, which improves metabolism, helping to get rid of fat contained in your body.

Now a wide selection of teas from various manufacturers is presented on the market. Their use gives a good result for weight loss. However, this effect is usually caused not just by the desirable process of fat digestion, but some diuretic and laxative properties of these special teas. So answering the question ‘do diet teas work’, we must say that teas for bowel cleaning work, but they do not burn fat. This is the first mistake that everyone does buying diet teas.

How to choose the tea for weight loss

tea for weight loss

Choosing such tea, you must examine its components very carefully. You should not choose products consisting only of herbals, provoking dehydration and diarrhea. It will make no good at all, and, moreover, it can lead to serious electrolyte imbalance, sometimes constipation and even nutritional deficiencies. In order not to worry about your health, and also  be totally sure of the quality of the weight loss product, you'd better make this tea for weight loss yourself at home.

You can use some your own harvested herbs or, for example, buy them at the pharmacy. Qualitative tea will not just help you to get rid of toxins from the body, but it also contributes to the improvement of your metabolism, fast suppress of hunger and burn some accumulated fat.

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It should be remembered that the tea for weight loss - it is not the main method, but support. You are unlikely to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, if you do not change your diet, and do not increase your activity. A weight loss tea is recommended to drink with no added sugar; you should not also have a snack, like sweets or cakes.

If you cannot force yourself to drink unsweetened tea, then you can add a spoonful of honey, or eat it with tea, without adding to your cup. Any tea should be consumed using courses no longer than two weeks, taking breaks in 5 days. The positive effect is achieved with the use of 3-4 cups of this herbal drink.

Diet teas reviews and side effects

Diet teas reviews

Prior to the course it is recommended to consult a specialist, because the regular use of diet teas has some side effects, and uncontrollable taking of it can provoke serious problems. Electrolyte balance is disturbed, there is a gradual dehydration due to fluid loss, along with the toxins from the body the nutrients are derived, they do not have time to be absorbed. During the period of drinking this tea body loses potassium, the deficiency of which can lead to muscle weakness, and impaired renal function.

This drink is a laxative; its prolonged use provokes the loss of ability of the organism of the bowel self-emptying. In addition, the purchased teas may have some non-secure components that affect the internal organs, and some are addictive. Taking into account the negative effects of long-term use of these teas, you should strictly adhere to the timing of the courses - no longer than 10-14 days, with mandatory breaks no less than 5 days.

Kinds of diet teas

Kinds of diet teas

There are lots of recipes of self-made tea for weight loss. One of the most effective is considered to be a drink made of ginger root. The main value of this product is the eastern essential oil, which enhances the body's metabolic processes. In addition, ginger suppresses appetite, adding it to the various dishes and drinking ginger tea, it will be easier to limit the amount of food. Like most herbs, this product tones perfectly, so ginger tea can easily replace the usual coffee for breakfast.

Another type of tea, which gives visible results, is a well-known green tea. It has broken the record for its content of anti-oxidants that accelerate the metabolism and burn fat actively. In order to achieve positive results it is enough to consume about three cups of freshly brewed beverage, but you should limit consumption of sugary and fatty foods in the daily diet. Bonuses of the use of green tea are health improving and the better condition of the skin.

Which diet tea is more effective

drinking tea

But not every green tea will give effect in reducing weight. For this purpose, a tea bag does not fit, in spite of its taste. It is better to give preference to custard product without all artificial additives. Experts say that the best type is oolong. It can help you to lose several kilos in one month without strict diets. In addition to the fat-burning properties, green tea is rich in iron and calcium.

Herbal slimming

Herbal slimming

Traditionally recognized as an effective method herbal teas may be effective too. Their recipes are diverse and have different effects. The easiest way is to brew individual roots or herbs. The most effective and safe are deemed dandelion root and St. John's wort. The infusion is maintained for about 10 minutes and drunk throughout the day. For complex effects charges of various herbs are suitable too.

To reduce the level of cholesterol and reduce the appetite it is recommended to use the collection of fennel, elderberry, chamomile, mint and limes in equal amounts. The drink is prepared in a water bath and 2 cups must be drunk daily. Although it is a natural method, herbal teas have rather serious side effects. Therefore, before applying them, be sure to get professional advice.


pu-erh tea

However, a statement of manufacturers that their components are natural, it does not make it safe. Using senna for weight loss can be dangerous, because it is recommended for people with severe constipation, and the use of this herb longer than during seven days can be bad for your health. Abuse of any laxative, it does not matter - natural or artificial, as a means for weight loss, can cause problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and even lead to death.

Particular concern is made by the abuse of such products by those who suffer from anorexia or bulimia. Unfortunately, laxatives become hidden ingredient in many anti-obesity agents today, but under the harmless herbal tea can be hidden quite tough bowel cleansing agent.

green tea slimming

Furthermore, herbal tea can cause imbalance of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the intestine and even cause disruption of the heart. Pregnant women are strictly prohibited to use the tea for weight loss.

Another danger of tea for weight loss is created by different substances that can cause allergic reactions. Such allergens, getting into the human body, can cause serious harm to his health. In order to avoid such surprises it is better to check sensitivity to the beverage components yourself due to using it in small doses.

weight loss tea

No method can help to get rid of superfluous kgs quickly, no matter it is weight loss tea, dietary supplements, or even strict diets – they are not able to provide a balanced diet. If you want to achieve the desired shapes you should only use proper diet, eating 5-6 times a day in small portions, and trying to improve your physical activity, exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

We all need to understand that in order to achieve the desired results you may spend several months or even years (depending on the amount of excess weight), although strict adherence to a healthy diet and high intensity of workouts can speed up the process.

Exotic species - Chinese slimming tea Puerh

Chinese slimming tea Puerh

The increasing popularity Puerh tea gets day-by-day. It is one of the most valuable kinds of tea, created by some Chinese masters. Its value, in addition to its unique taste, has still some effect for the health of your body, as well as the ability to lose some weight and tone the organism.

Chinese residents think that their Puerh tea is almost a real panacea for a lot of different diseases of the digestive and also cardiovascular systems. It really helps in dealing with person's emotional stress. In addition, Puerh has an extremely positive effect on your skin condition. It is also a very effective antioxidant, which is rich in essential oils, vitamins, amino acids. The last ones remove waste products and toxins from the body and promote the breakdown of fat.

Recipe of Herbal Slimming Tea with Melissa

Slimming Green Tea with Ginger

This tea has a very good taste, it contains of essential oil, which reduces blood pressure. When it’s cold it can tone and when it’s hot it is used as a diaphoretic during colds. Due to the ability to accelerate the metabolism, it helps in weight loss. If you want to make it, you need one tablespoon of lemon balm and mint leaves (crushed) and boiling water (about 2 cups). Leave it for one hour, cover with a lid, strain and then drink throughout the day.

Slimming Green Tea with Ginger

Slimming Tea

Green tea should be brewed for five minutes, then poured into a thermos with a bit of dry ginger. Drink it after a half an hour. This tea helps to get rid of extra calories, in addition, improves the complexion, helps with colds.

Recipe of Slimming Tea with Raspberry

Slimming Tea with Raspberry

One more easy and very simple recipe. If you want to make it, you should take one spoon of pre-crushed raspberry leaf, and pour a glass of water. After that boil it and leave for about a quarter of an hour. Then the tea is ready, so now you can add the pureed fresh berries. Enzymes contained in the leaves of raspberry, regulate metabolism. Tea reduces hunger, saturated with important vitamins. In addition, such a beverage regulates hormone and sugar levels, gives vivacity.

Recipe of Apple tea for weight loss

Apple tea for weight loss

You need to add one sour apple (which must be very finely chopped) to the freshly brewed tea (black). Let it brew for about seven minutes. Besides enjoying the wonderful taste of the drink, you can take care of strengthening your blood vessels, as well as to get rid of excess cholesterol.

 green diet teas

The quality of water of tea is very important for weight loss. In order to save a full taste of this special drink and use it in an urban setting it is better to use purified water for its preparation. You can use filters, or boil it. These very simple recipes of diet teas help to combine pleasure of drinking and keeping fit. But you should better make tea yourself in order to be sure it is safe and healthy. Do not trust cheap teas that have a lot of advertisements in web. They may be dangerous as you don’t know all the components, when they were gathered and where. It’s always better to consult your doctor for advice first.

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