Do hair removal creams work?

When you are buying a depilatory cream you have many questions: how does this preparation work, is it harmful, whether is it possible to use during pregnancy? All answers for this and other questions you can find below.

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Of course, if you are not sure about the safety of a cosmetic product, it is better not to buy it. But on the other hand, a long time ago there was a stereotype that women must have soft, smooth, fragrant and, of course, without a single hair skin. A major problem that stands at the way to achieve such a result - the excess vegetation at the body. We have to constantly seek out new and more effective cosmetic preparations, allowing to solve "the hair" problem once and for all.

To achieve such a goal today experienced cosmetologists and manufacturers invented a huge variety of tools and techniques. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally good. One way to remove excess hair vegetation at the body is to use a hair removal cream for women. Undoubtedly, many women are familiar with this tool.

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So, how does cream for hair removal act? It is capable to removing hair at the body due to its components, the most important of which is keratin. It damages the hair structure and the hair can be easily removed from the body. By promises of many manufacturers of such creams, hair will not grow at the treated area for several days, and in some cases even weeks. Depilatory creams vary in their purpose:

  1. bikini
  2. for hands and feet
  3. underarm area

They all have a different level of pH. Therefore tool designed for a specific area of the body should not be used elsewhere. Especially when it is about sensitive areas (face, bikini) and a cream, for example, for the feet. A self-respecting manufacturer is required to take care of the client and adds a useful means of additives: oils, vitamins, herbal ingredients. We can not compare the effectiveness of work of the cream for depilation with oil and the similar preparation, but without mineral additives. Oils tone and moisturize the skin. Therefore, there is much less skin irritation.

Hair problem

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Hair removal cream does not help some women. This is due to the fact that different people have different hair thickness. What pleased your friend may not be suit to you. Try to use a tool to remove coarse hair, change your brand or pick another method (shugaring, wax, razor).

There are a number of advantages of depilatories creams: it is very convenient tool. The hair is removed quickly, the skin remains smooth for longer time, irritation is extremely rare. There will not be ingrown hair after hair removal creams. The price is relatively low. The procedure is absolutely painless.

The main contraindications for hair removal creams are:

  • any skin diseases;
  • cancer;
  • moles, fibroids and other;
  • sores or any other damage of the skin;
  • hair removal cream allergic reaction.

Depilatory cream

Contraindications include even such factors as pregnancy. But it is conditional enough, because there is already a new line of creams designed specifically for pregnant women.  Just to apply the cream for hair removal, a pregnant woman needs to try it at a very safe area for her to check for allergic reactions.

In order to avoid discomfort and allergic reactions when you will use the cream for hair removal, you need to have a good rest after a strong stress - the hair removal.  Beauticians advise not to use aggressive remedy for 24-72 hours (soap, deodorants and other cosmetics), as well as not to sunbathe. It is necessary to take to attention the recommendations how often you can use the cream for depilation. Take a break between procedures for at least 72 hours.

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