Do mobile phones cause cancer?

Can't you imagine your life without the mobile phone? Also, you want to protect your family and yourself from harmful mobile impact? Find out the solution with us!

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Disputes on this subject have been going for years: are the mobile phones dangerous for health? Anyone can give a clear answer: neither the scientists, nor the medical, nor the cell phone manufacturers. Some experts say that mobiles are no more harmful than any household appliances, and others believe that it is one of the reasons of many serious diseases.

Scientific decided: cell phone cause brain cancer!

"There is ample evidence that cell phones do cause brain cancer," said the President of the Commission of the sanitary condition of the environment Devra Davis.
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It is reported that mobile phones emit a type of radiation known as radiofrequency radiation (RFR), which is also used to transmit signals wireless Internet. It differs from ionizing radiation (e.g. x-rays), which are known because of causing  DNA damage and cancer.

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Scientific experiments

Scientific had an experiment that gave following results. The trial lasted ten years, the costs of which were required for it amounted to 20 million pounds. In conclusion, we found out that fans of cellular develop cancer 50% more often than other people.

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Modern mobile phones sent to the head of the individual for 217 electromagnetic pulses every minute, this is what scientists say. Not everyone can withstand such an onslaught. Therefore, researchers recommend to junior students not to use cell phones in general, and students in middle school are advised to communicate with SMS messages. For example, in Sweden watched the health of a group of children who had mobile phones with 8 to 12 years. For 21 years this child came in the category of those citizens who have a brain tumor five times more often in contrast to those who started to use phones after 18 years.
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Until recently, many experts in the field of health insisted that the RFR was just too low-energy to cause such damage cells, such as cancer.

But in 2010, an international study showed that ten or more years of cell phone usage leads to increased risk of brain tumors. 300 percent enhances the risk of tumors of the auditory nerve. The risk of brain tumors is about 400 percent especially among those who started to use the phone at the age of 20.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classify in 2011 that RFR is a possible carcinogen. And in 2015, the study described the conditions under which radiation might cause cancer. According to Davis, children's brains absorb twice more radiation than the adult brain.

The impact of mobile telephone on pregnant women

According to experts, children are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, even in the womb. That's why pregnant women should also limit cell phone use. "Keep your phone away from your belly - especially toward the end of pregnancy," Davis said.
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Need research showing that cell phone use by the pregnant woman can affect her unborn child. "We need to investigate the correlation between mobile phone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children," said Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale school of medicine.

The impact of mobile telephone on children

Children also suffered from the damaging effect of cell phones on social relations, warned medical psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair. "These devices are straining our family relationship because the average mom or dad would check the phone from 60 to 110 times a day," she said.
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In fact, numerous studies have shown that parents regularly ignore their children, instead of pay attention to them, and this correlates with higher levels of behavioral disorders in children.

In one international study says that a third of children said that their parents spend as much or more time on their mobile devices as on them; a similar number of children stated that they felt when their parents were distracted by their device, and more than half indicated that their parents check their devices too often.
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Parent excessive use of mobile devices makes children more prone to develop technology addictions, which in turn is associated with cognitive, emotional and social problems. "Thus, we get a mix between biological effect, psychological effect and the effect of brain waves," said pediatric neurologist Martha Herbert.

Which phone to buy, to ensure maximum safety?

 The safest phones are the GSM standard, so for personal use, it is the best option. Also, new manufacturers are increasingly aware that to produce secure phones more profitable and develop new models whose radiation has less effect on our body. Do not give up cell phones entirely, and should you choose them correctly and wisely to use them.
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How can we protect ourselves from the harmful mobiles effects?

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  • Limit time and frequency of using the device: you shouldn’t talk more than 2-3 minutes per call and more than 10-15 minutes a day on the phone.If it possible, don’t use your phones in places with poor reception (an elevator, underground space, transportation, etc.), because in such circumstances mobile tries to find the antenna of the transmitter, and because of this, it’s radiation magnified.Remember: the way wireless data transmission (Bluetooth)adds to the mobile phone an additional strength of the radiation. Therefore it is better to use a wired headset.
  • Don't put  a phone to your ear in a moment, when he is in the process of searching the network operator (it happens when the phone is switched on).
  • Rid yourself of the habit of sleeping near a cell phone! Be sure to turn it off before bed!
  • If you are using a mobile phone as an alarm clock, it is better to postpone it to a far corner of your bedroom. By the way, this method will increase your chances of a speedy revival, so as to turn the alarm off, you have to get out of bed.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!


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