Do sex pills work

Do you doubt that sex pills really work? Read this article and find out it you're right.

Birth control pills are a hormonal medication drugs that prevent the unwanted pregnancy. However, do sex pills really work and how do they do it? Such medicines inhibit the ovulation, so that the fertilization can’t be possible.


You can start taking pills since the first month of your period. Sometimes the pills can cause negative effects but they can also have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. So you need to be careful and it would be even better to ask a doctor.

Do any sex pills work?

Choosing a method of contraception is a problem that is better to be solved together with your doctor. The main criteria’s are contraceptive efficacy (how high the risk of pregnancy is) and the convenience of the method used.

 You should also think about the side effects and if it’s safe to stop taking those pills in case you make a decision to get pregnant. In general, the choice of sex pills depends on the age of the woman.

Disadvantages of the combined contraceptive pills:

They can cause nausea;

They can cause vomiting;

Your breast increases and becomes sensitive;

sex pills

It may cause dizziness;

It may increase the risk of high blood pressure and a heart attack.

Do sex pills work with alcohol?

Your normal life doesn’t end when you start taking those pills. Of course there will be holidays, birthdays, parties and romantic evening with a loved one...

And all of it will include alcohol. Not drinking at all is not necessary, but the huge amount of alcohol in very harmful for you.

If you want to always be confident in the reliability of contraception and to keep your reproductive health, you need to know some simple safety rules.

sex pills

Scientific research has proven that ethanol, which is part of any alcoholic beverages, does not reduce the contraceptive effect of birth control pills.

Therefore, small amounts of alcohol won’t hurt you at all. But it’s forbidden to drink alcohol and take the birth control pills at the same time (it’s better to make a 3-4 hour break between those two).

Do not forget that if you take hormonal medicines every day it is an additional load for the liver, which already works a lot to sustain your health. Take care of yourself and always see the doctors in time!

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Furthermore, a huge amount of alcohol poisons your organs. Vomiting appears as a response to the poisoning; the active ingredients of birth control pills don’t have time to be absorbed, thereby reducing the contraceptive effect.

 If you need to know what to do in such a situation, look at the instruction which is written on your medicine. If you vomited after taking a pill, you should repeat the action in 4 hours.

Who can drink the sex pills?

The birth control pills are not only the method of preventing unwanted pregnancies, but also a mean of treatment of many diseases that affect women.

 So sometimes doctors prescribe birth control pills even for the girls who are not sexually active.


There are more than 50 varieties of birth control pills designed for women of any age. That is why taking these pills is safe at almost any age.

Who can’t take this medicine?

Like any other medication, birth control pills have contraindications.

For example, you can’t drink hormonal pills if you have or have ever had venous thrombosis, severe liver and kidney diseases, or if you’re woman older than 35, who is smoking. Taking these pills is also prohibited for the pregnant women.

There’s no chance that the debate about the pills will disappear. Some women still think that hormonal medicines are evil. Of course it’s not true.

Millions of women around the world have been taking sex pills for a long time. However, you should understand that it’s necessary to talk to the doctor first. Moreover, you need to follow the safety rules.

If you are a responsible person then there’s no need to worry. You will be able to take those pills for a very long time!


There is no doubt that it is good that our medicine is not standing still and is constantly evolving and developing forward. Here we have reached the point where on pharmacy shelves appeared contraceptive drugs that prevent unwanted pregnancies . If you decide to buy birth control pills , be sure to check with your doctor , because the administration of drugs administered individually. Remember also that when you stop to use birth control , all the same will not be able to get pregnant for some time .

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Well well well, what do we have here. Glad that more and more alternatives are now available to help couples conceive. I have tried IVF, and had 2 failed rounds, it was too expensive so we needed to check other options. Tried different fertility treatments and medications before something finally worked, pregnancytips.. Im so happy we found something. We're now proud parents of a beautiful little boy.. It all depends on how your body will react to the prod/procedure and how much your wallet can handle.

Answered 1 year ago.
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