Do tattoos cause cancer?

It seems that nowadays almost every person has a tattoo. In the past, tattoos were considered an essential attribute of sailors, the worst criminals, or bikers. Today, it’s a popular body decoration for many people.


Tattoos can be not only in the form of anchors, skulls or battleships, but also emblems of some schools or colleges, intricate Celtic signs, and other unique drawings. With the help of tattoos, people find a great way to distinguish their body among others. However, few people think about the danger that the tattoo conceals.

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Tattoos and skin cancer

•    A tattoo is a small notch on the skin, which are subsequently filled with a special dye. First, you scratch out the pattern on the skin using needles, and then fill the place of the perforations with paint. The tattoo is undoubtedly a very long-lasting because the paint is injected not just into the epidermis (the outer layer of skin that constantly regenerates), but directly into the dermis – the second, a much deeper layer of our skin. Moreover, the cells of the dermis are the most stable so that the tattoo can be so durable.
•    When you want to get a tattoo, there is one crucial thing you should think of. It is, of course, safety. Despite the fact that the tattoo always looks better than a wound, it is, in fact, an open wound. As with any cuts, punctures or other damage of the skin, the tattoo is closely related to the risk of contracting a dangerous disease.
•    Before getting a tattoo, it is very important to make sure that you have vaccinations against hepatitis, tetanus and other most dangerous diseases. It is also important to think about where you will be able, if necessary, seek medical help. The main symptoms of infection via tattoos is excessive redness and increased sensitivity around the newly made tattoo, possibly prolonged bleeding, the appearance of pus or changes in skin color around the tattoo.
•    Moreover, according to recent researches, the paint that is usually used for tattooing can contain toxic elements, like arsenic that can cause cancer of the skin. Particularly bad is the blue paint with aluminum or cobalt. The red paint contains mercury sulfide, which is unlikely to benefit the human body. Some other colors of paint contain lead, cadmium, chromium, Nickel, or titanium and other heavy metals.
•    Undoubtedly, the equipment used for tattooing represents a real danger. The equipment can transfer a variety of infections like HIV, hepatitis of various types of skin cancer. Of course, avoid applying new tattoos next to the moles.

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So before you decide on getting a tattoo, it is very important to make sure that the salon where you are going is clean and safe, equipment that is used is disposable (the same as gloves, needles or masks).

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As a rule, professional salons are well known for their cleanliness. Here're a few facts that must be checked before getting a tattoo:

•    You should make sure the salon has an autoclave (a device that can sterilize equipment with steam, pressure or high temperature). Be sure to ask the salon worker to show you how specific equipment is designed to sterilize.
•    Make sure that the master has a license, which he is willing to show you as proof of his skills.
•    Make sure that the salon follows all safety precautions when working with blood.

In particular cases, the tattoo can harm even your muscles. Probably that’s why doctors strongly suggest to carefully choose the place where you are going to do your tattoo.
Besides, allergic reactions to the paint are quite possible. Then, the person should immediately start adequate treatment with antibiotics. 
The procedure of tattoo removal is extremely unsafe, as well. 

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As a conclusion note, if you have heart diseases, allergies, any types of diabetes, some skin conditions, or if you are pregnant, ask your doctor for advice before making a tattoo even in the cleanest and proper salon. Be sure to ask whether you need to take some certain precautions. 


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