Do women need more sleep than men?

Do women really need more sleep than men? Learn what scientists have discovered.

women need more sleep

Lack of sleep can ruin your health and lower the quality of your life. Find out why scientists say women need more sleep than men.

Why do ladies require more sleep than the guys do?

There are several reasons for such a thing. Some believe it’s because women are smarter, but that’s not what the scientists have discovered. However, the female brain is wired differently. We all know girls are the multi-taskers. Why can they do it? Because unlike the men, they have more connections between the two hemispheres of the brain. Men have builds more connections within each hemisphere. That allows them to get more concentrated on what they do.

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And that’s why some men call women “featherbrain” because they can shift from subject to subject so easily. This makes the female brain speedier than the male one. It’s like comparing the sports car with a jeep. A jeep can carry heavier loads and can go over a tough terrain, but a Ferrari is much faster and more delicate at the same time.


Women’s brain is more fragile, as it gets much more active throughout the day. Ladies use more capacity of that organ than the guys. That’s why they need more sleep. When people sleep, their brain processes the information gets washed off and restored. The ladies pay the price for being speedier. They need at least 20 minutes of extra sleep every night.

If they experience sleep deprivation, it ruins their brain and health. Men’s brain is tougher and gets restored faster even after the damage. It is sturdier. So, women should take good care of themselves as you would take good care of your sports car to keep it well.

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