Does baby powder cause cancer?

Baby powder is widely used. It is widely used as a cosmetic product like a body and facial powder, as well as in a number of other consumer products. Most concerns about a possible link between talcum powder and cancer have been focused. Read more here.

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Company Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest world manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products, will pay $ 72 million to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer associated with a very prolonged use of goods by talc. This decision, according to CNBC, was adopted by the court of Missouri, USA.

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Do baby powders cause cancer?

Jacklin Fox (Jacqueline Fox), who lived in Birmingham, Alabama, during 35 years, used Talc Baby Powder, daily for personal hygiene.

Also, she used another product containing talc powder — Shower to Shower. Three years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Jacklin Fox died in October 2015, she was 62 years old.

The Civil action was given by 60 people on behalf of Fox. It was a part of the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. After that, more than thousand such appeals came to American courts. The result was the verdict on monetary compensation.

The company is accused that from the 1980s there was information that talc increases the risk of the female reproductive organs cancer development.

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Baby powder cause cancer

The company did not warn customers about the danger. In particular, Mrs. Fox's family lawyers cited an internal document issued in September 1997.  According to the medical consultant for Johnson & Johnson, "all people who deny the connection between the "hygienic" use of talc and ovarian cancer are the same as those who reject the link between smoking and cancer."

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How does baby powder cause cancer?

The danger of cosmetics from talcum powder for women has been reaffirmed in some recent studies. For example, in 2013 the researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital announced in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, the results of their studies.

They confirmed that regular use of cosmetics, talcum powder for personal hygiene increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 25%.

In 2010, another group of American scientists found that dusting with talcum powder increase the risk of uterine cancer as well. The researchers suggest that tiny particles of talc penetrate into the inner sexual organs, causing chronic inflammation that creates favorable conditions for the development of cancer.

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Meanwhile, a representative of Johnson & Johnson Carol Goodrich (Carol Goodrich), commenting on the verdict, stated that he agrees with scientific data proving the safety of talc as an ingredient of cosmetic products.

The fact is that any products before entering the market must pass a series of security tests. The examinations should include the carcinogenic safety.

This system operates in the United States and Russia. Without passing these tests, the product will not receive approval for subsequent use. This is a very strict demand. It is necessary to study further the case of this woman, Jacklin Fox.

When we talk about cancer, it is important to find out the causal relationship between some factors. Technically it is tough to do. There may be different factors: environment, nutrition, stress and more, not just a particular talc.

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That claim to Johnson & Johnson was not the first. In 2015, the California court obliged the division of the company Ethicon to pay $ 6 million to a woman who suffered from a vaginal implant. Later, another division of the enterprise — McNeil Consumer Healthcare — was obliged to pay a penalty of $ 25 million for the sale of heavy metal contaminated drugs.

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