Does birth control make your boobs bigger?

On the Internet forums women express quite often the view that the ingesting of oral contraceptives contributes to the growth of their boobs, they even recommend specific medications, giving a similar effect.

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In this article you will learn whether birth control pills make your boobs bigger, and how dangerous can be this method to make your bust more attractive. We will also discuss the problem of the influence of hormonal contraceptives on the development of breast cancer.

Any oral contraceptive product contains in its composition a certain concentration of hormones. After taking these drugs, some women may experience breast enlargement to 1-2 sizes, but it is too early to rejoice.

It's a side effect, which is usually accompanied by headache, nausea, breast pain and weight gain. Most of these symptoms after taking birth control pills occur in thin women, who are more susceptible to change of a hormonal background of an organism.

Contraceptives with middle and high hormone levels can cause breast enlargement as they include such drugs like Diane-35, Microgynon, Janine, antiseptic and other. But this does not mean that taking one of these funds will definitely increase your boobs, as every woman's body is individual and responds differently to an extra dose of hormones.

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Doctors advise to use condoms for their intended purpose, i.e., protection from unwanted pregnancy. An attempt to enlarge breasts with birth control pills is fraught with health problems in the future. Such drugs can be drunk only after a thorough examination and consultation with a gynecologist.

Hormonal contraceptives and breast cancer


Modern radiation oncologist-mammologists refute the view that the ingesting of oral contraceptives increases the chance of developing breast cancer. The concentration of estrogen in the tablets is insufficient to cause such a serious disease.  

To this conclusion came the scientists: since 1968 they have looked after 46 thousand women who were taking hormonal birth control. In 2012 their results were published in the British Medical Journal. It turned out that women who used pills for unwanted pregnancy, 12% less suffered cancer than others.

But, despite the positive findings, doctors do not recommend the use of the contraceptive pill for the prevention of breast cancer. This group of drugs should be used only for its intended purpose.

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