Does breast cancer hurt?

Is breast cancer a painful disease? Find out the facts that can save your life.

Lately medical research indicated rapid growth of breast cancer rate in Nigeria. That is why the question: does breast cancer hurt worries many ladies. Let us get more information on this important subject.

Does breast cancer hurt

Do breast cancer lumps hurt?

Most types of cancer produce pain, but in this case, it is not one of the commonly dealt with symptoms. In most cases breast cancer patients turn for medical help on late stages of the disease because they do not experience any pain or discomfort.

 breast cancer

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However, excessive breast tenderness and sensitivity and periodic pain are a reason to turn to a doctor for a checkup.

Major breast cancer symptoms

Even if there is no expensive equipment in your town or village, you can do your checkups for breast cancer. Stand in front of the mirror and touch your breasts, inspecting them for lumps. Do not forget the underarm area, too. If you find any lumps, turn for medical help.

At times, small lumps can form during the menstruation time, but these usually go away after the period. However, if the lump stays and grows bigger, it’s a reason to seek medical help.

 breast cancer hurt

Is breast cancer curable?

It is if you detect it on the early stage. In fact, the survival rate for Stage one patients is 99 percent! However, it gradually goes down, and Stage 4 patients have the least chances to get cured – only 15% of women survive. So, a timely checkup can save your life!

cancer hurt

Is breast cancer hereditary?

In most cases it is not. The truth is that this type of cancer is the most common in the world. In UK 1 in 8 women struggles with the deadly foe in her life. However, if a lady comes from a family with a history of breast cancer, she gets higher chances of developing it.

 breast cancer new
As you see, a timely checkup is needed to stay well and reduce your chances of dying from this disease.


Every woman is simply obliged to look after their health and regularly observed at the doctor with a certain intervals (every few months). Yes, the indisputable fact remains that diseases like breast cancer and other types of cancer increases with each passing year. For our part, we must listen to our bodies, by any chance there are any symptoms - you need to go to the doctor. Lovely girl, and you do not forget to examine your breasts, because you are the future mothers, and you need to feed their children. Keep an eye on the health and stay healthy.

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