Does breast cancer strike only women?

Cancer is a dangerous disease. There are a lot of cancer types and kinds. Breast cancer has peculiarities. Read more.

breast cancer

Cancer is called on the part of the body in which it occurs. Breast cancer formed in breast tissue. Like other cancers, breast cancer can spread and grow in other areas of the body surrounding the breast. It can also spread to other parts of the body and form new tumors. So the process is called metastasis.

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What causes breast cancer?

First of all, it should be stated that there are no evident researchers to prove that breast cancer can strike men. Consequently, it is first of all women's disease.

We don't know what causes breast cancer, although we are aware of certain risk factors that lead to its occurrence. The woman's age, genetic factors, personal history of disease and nutrition are risk factors for breast cancer.

breast cancer

Who is prone to breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women after melanoma – skin cancer. Over the last 50 years, the number of women diagnosed with cancer is increasing every year. Today, about 1 out of 8 women (13.4%) for life to develop cancer of the breast. Breast cancer is the second disease after lung cancer, leading to death. Breast cancer age is stated. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women 35-54 years of age. The American Cancer Society in 2005 conducted a study and found that of the 211 240 women diagnosed with breast cancer about 40 410 will die. Although these numbers may seem frightening, research has shown that mortality could be reduced by 30 percent if all women 50 years and older, will do a mammogram.

Oneveloping breast cancer increases as a woman ages.

What are the precursors of breast cancer?

breast cancer

Breast cancer signs

A lump or thickening in the breast or near it or under the armpit is stored during the menstrual cycle.

A tumor appears, the size of a pea.

Change size, shape or contours of the breast.

Discharge from the nipples in the form of a transparent liquid or blood.

breast cancer

Changes in sensation and appearance of the skin on the breast and nipples (embroiled, shriveled, scaly or popularness).

Redness of the breast skin and nipples.

Change in the shape and position of the nipples.

The stable marble-like area appears under the skin.The fact is, breast cancer is a relatively common disease.

We know that the vast majority of cases the disease is diagnosed among those women who have experienced menopause, which begins, approximately, at the age of fifty.

Consequently, in this period, the woman should be more attentive to her breast.

breast cancer

Breast cancer facts

But, in 2006, by the conducted studies, the Dutch scientists have made another sensational discovery.

They claim that the breast cancer is more susceptible to those women who are left-handed.

In their opinion, a predisposition to left-handedness and the development of the disease breast cancer is laid in the womb.

Scientists suggest that this is due to the influence on the fetus of some hormones.

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