Does cider vinegar treat acne?

Are you tired of your acne? It’s time to get rid of this annoying skin problem. This article will tell you how apple cider vinegar works to remove your acne or acne scars.

apple cider vinegar

Acne doesn’t only make your skin look bad but it also makes you feel bad about yourself; you basically lose your self-confidence. Acne treatment is actually very difficult and time-consuming.

Any types of sicknesses make us weaker. It can happen to anyone and there are several causes of acne. Sometimes it just happens to teenagers who have problems with the hormones.

However, sometimes the older people also can’t get rid of this annoying skin problem. Sometimes the reason you have acne is because you don’t follow the hygiene rules.

All in all, if you already have it and the ways to prevent it won’t be really helpful, cider vinegar might be a solution for you. Therefore, in case you wonder how to get rid of acne, try some ways and recipes.

How does it work?

Acne and acne scars can be removed by apple cider vinegar but you have to make sure you follow the instructions.

The first benefit of it is that it’s a natural remedy so you surely won’t damage your skin unless you have some special kind of allergies.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend loads of money on treatment and expensive cosmetic creams.

apple cider vinegar

After you apply some apple cider vinegar and start doing it quite often you will see that the condition of your skin will get a lot better.

What is more, the pH level will be brought back to normal and the dead skin cells will be dissolved. Acne scars removal is also much easier if you have apple cider vinegar.

The vitamins that can be found in this natural remedy will make your skin look healthy and beautiful again. Even though it might take time it is definitely worth it. You will surely forget about skin problems.

However, you need to be aware what you can and what you absolutely cannot do. 

Your skin immunity will surely become stronger and you will probably also get rid of the other problems that have been bothering you for a while such as dark spots and pimples. Your skin will be protected from infections!

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However, you also shouldn’t forget that hygiene is very important. It will still be a good idea to buy creams and lotions that will clean and moisturize your skin every day.

The best thing you can do is prevent acne when it hasn’t happened to you. But if you already have it, check out the recipes you can use to get rid of it forever.

Getting rid of your acne

There are a lot of ways you can use this natural remedy. In this article you will find few of the most popular ones that already helped a lot of people.

1) Try to drink apple cider vinegar

One of the ways to apply this natural remedy is to drink it. However, it would be a good idea to mix it with something else first because the taste of it is very special. Therefore, after you drink it, don’t forget to rinse your mouth.

You can simply take 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it with one glass of water. In order to make it sweeter you can add honey too. One time a day will be enough.

apple cider vinegar

The recipe number 2 suggests mixing the vinegar with juice of a lemon. It’s quite obvious that the taste will be very sour. Therefore, if you are not about sour things, add some honey once again.

Mix it with water and drink it every day. This way you will get rid of acne fast.

2) Mixing vinegar with water

Take a medium size bowl and pour some apple cider vinegar in it. If your skin is sensitive, make sure not to put too much of it. Here you can use more of this natural remedy because it’s not meant for drinking.

You can just apply it on your skin. And cotton balls would be a perfect tool to do it. Another good idea is to do the ‘mask’ before you go to sleep. You can just leave it on your face and wash it off in the morning.

In case you prefer to do it during the day you can just wait for a few minutes and then rinse it with the water. If you do it regularly the acne will surely go away.

And even if you don’t have skin problems, it will improve the immunity of your skin anyways.

3) Mix ACV with baking soda!

Baking soda is a great way to cure acne when combined with apple cider vinegar. You will need 2 spoons of ACV and the same amount of baking soda.

apple cider vinegar

You can use both cotton balls and just your hands to put it on the problematic areas of your face. It will look like a mask. 15 minutes will be enough to wait. After that you can wash it off.

Do it at least once a week and you will surely see the difference!

4) Add honey in apple cider vinegar

The first thing that is absolutely necessary to do it to wash your face so that it’s absolutely clean. It is actually a great idea to do it before trying any of the recipes described above.

After you rinse the face it’s time for applying baking soda. Your face has to be steamed for about 2 minutes – you will have to put a towel on your head and get close to the bowl of hot water.

Doing it for 2-3 minutes will be enough. After that take two spoons of honey and apply it on your face. If it gets really sticky it means that it’s time to stop. You will get a mask. Wait for fifteen minutes and wash it off.

Make sure the temperature of the water isn’t too high.

5) Garlic +ACV

You will definitely need the juice of the garlic. After you extract it, take the same amount of apple cider vinegar and mix those two components. Use the cotton ball to apply the mixture on the problematic areas.

Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off!

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