Does diet coke make you fat?

Do you want to lose weight through Diet Cola? Is it possible? What harm does the Diet Coke bring to the body? Answers to all these questions you will find in this article.

Coca cola

In October of  2014 year Pepsi and Coca Cola announced about the reduction of calories in drinks that they produce. They promised to reduce calories to 20 percent. This announcement did not come as a surprise. For quite a long time soda manufacturers are under constant pressure from the public and in their address are strewed allegations that their products contribute to obesity. Taking into account modern trends more and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, going in fo sport and keeping a proper diet.

Companies tried to adapt their products to the needs and desires of consumers and expand their distribution channels. We have a great pleasure drinking diet coke on a diet or, maybe Pepsi Light. Naturally:  when a usual coke has 42 kcal per 100 ml (+ huge amount of coke sugar), coke containing no coke sugar becomes simple escape. Dr. Ducane even explicitly recommends it to anyone who want to lost weight with his method. But is it really good method for getting rid of hunger?

Well-known fact - the more sugar soda content, the higher calories it have. Manufacturers of coce use alternative sweeteners that are made from natural or artificial ingredients to reduce diet coke calories. The result is Diet Coke or coke zero. Diet Coke retains its sweet taste thanks to the sweetener aspartame. Aspartame has a honorable title of the most studied dietary supplement in the history. Aspartame is sweeter than sugar for about 200 times.

Sugar and asparatame

Currently the influence on the body of a healthy person of sweeteners used in the beverage industry are not fully understood. Open questions are: how do sweeteners affect metabolism and what influence on body does the components used in the production of sweeteners have . Most scientists agree that regular consumption of "diet" soda does not lead to the development of serious diseases, such as cancer. At the same time the medical community are still arguing about the benefits of low-calorie beverages while reducing excess weight.

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According to research of the American Beverage Association, people who consumed low-calorie soda during a diet, could significantly lose weight better than those who did not drink soda during a diet. The research results did not surprise scientists. People who do not drink sweet drinks, relied solely to their own willpower, while those who drink a low-calorie cola have the opportunity to satisfy their needs for sweet and at the same time without increasing the total number of calories they consumed. It should be noted that the consumption of sweet drinks also causes heavy damage to the teeth.

Man with diet cola

But everything is not so easy as it might seem at the first glance. Prolonged use of diet soda content sweeteners may lead to the big health problems. In 2013 year scientists founded that people who used low-calorie soft drinks had the same problems with a set of extra weight as the people preferred soda and sugar. People who drink diet soda are more prone to the development  of the diabetes of the second type and cardiovascular diseases.

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With the regular use of low-calorie carbonated beverages for a long period of time is put a stronger damage to health than drinking soda with sugar. Why? There is not the exact answer to this question.

Diet coke

The harm that the low-calorie cola brings to the human body:

  1. Diet coke does not have calories but it does not mean that this coke will help you to lose weight. On the contrary thanks to diet cola people add yourself 70 percent of excess weight within 2 years.
  2. Diet soda is sweeter than regular sugar. So after some time the tongue receptors and  their ability to feel natural sweetness (such fruits) are blunted.
  3. Diet soda does not have calories, but also it does not have anything useful for the organism. What low-calorie drink is the best? This is water. Water  is essential for life. Thus replacing the water for the diet soda will have negative consequences for your body.
  4. The consumption of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, can cause headaches.
  5. Citric acid, which is part of the Diet Coke can destroy tooth enamel.
  6. Mixing spirits drinks with diet soda further accelerates the absorption of alcohol than sugary soda. It happens because our circulatory system learns sweeteners quickly  than regular sugar.
  7. Frequent consumption of any soda negative effect bone condition. Bones become more "porous" and fragi.

Can of cola

Cans or bottles?

If, notwithstanding the foregoing, you are not ready to give up of soda, choose a soda in cans. Plastic is very bad for the beverage contained inside. Bottles contain bisphenol A, which reduces fertility by affecting the hormones.

But what can we choose? Clean water. Water contains no calories and brings the body only benefits.

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