Does hair dye kill lice?

Dream to get rid of lice and dye your hair at the same time? Now it’s possible! What tips are the best? How to choose the right hair dye? Everything you wanted to know about this issue is here!

Does hair dye kill lice

Does hair dye kill lice and nits? Even now, it is very difficult to tell the person if he has lice or not. After all, if you periodically scratch your head and there is no problem of dandruff, then most likely you have settled new residents, from which you should get rid of as quickly as possible. Does hair dye help to get rid of unwanted residents on your head, and what are the advantages of this method?

Kill or not

 dye kill lice

As for the beginning, let’s find out whether a coloring agent is a drug to get rid of lice and nits. Indeed, it is known that the ‘paint’ that women use for dyeing hair, is the means to get rid of lice and nits. But I you are going to use this method only in order to solve the problem of head lice - this is not serious. For this purpose there are a lot of more reliable and drastic methods, the effect of which is guaranteed. After hair coloring effect of completely removing of the lice cannot be guaranteed.

But even such reasons do not stop the ladies and they still decide to combine ‘business with pleasure’ and kill the lice on the head by coloring their hair. Let’s see, whether this is correct, and what the advantages of this method we can find.

Advantages of hair dye against lice

hair dye against lice

Although hair dye is not intended to solve the problem of head lice, but it has the following advantages, which are important to highlight:

  • Security. If you use it correctly enough, it cannot harm human health.
  • Easy to use. You only need to apply once the mixture on the locks and double effect is guaranteed.
  • Efficiency. In almost all cases, the alien inhabitants of the head die after the single-use.
  • Cost. The cost of drugs against lice and nits, especially those that act quickly, is quite high; so buying one hair dye kit for coloring will help you to save a decent amount.

hair dye and lice

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But in addition to these benefits, hair dyes have some shortcomings in the fight against lice and nits. The main and significant disadvantage is the appearance of the allergic reaction in response to the mixture. The cause of allergies is understandable, because the lice have a negative impact on the skin, causing a lot of small wounds on the skin of the head, contact with chemicals have not the best consequences: severe itching, redness, swelling.

But in addition to the main shortages there are some minor ones:

hair dye vs lice

  • Not every woman wants to dye her hair, only to remove head lice from her head.
  • The negative influence of dye constitutes not only on the scalp, but also on the structure of the hair. Of course, after the application of dye you can observe the death of the parasites, but where is the guarantee that soon they will not repeat their visit. So you should not hope too much, as this method is not quite serious. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to repeat the dyeing procedure for 2 times.
  • And another negative effect on the scalp is the weakening of the protective functions of the organism. So it turns out that after coloring all lice and nits are killed, but there are new, which consider your weakened skin as a real paradise. So the lice can live on the dyed hair and rejoice.

How does hair dye affect lice? Will hair dye kill lice?

hair dye can kill lice

Getting rid of the nits using hair dyes is possible from the point of view of medicine - it is a futile exercise that has no justification. The hair dye composition consists of two components:

  • dye
  • oxidant

The dye is responsible for the color, and it has no effect on the parasites. That's another thing the oxidant, which is a chemical that kills all living things in its path. The oxidant effects on the parasites directly, deadening their chitin cover. Hydrogen peroxide is one type of oxidant used in hair dyes. Hydrogen peroxide does not only help to eliminate lice, but also affects their eggs. New parasites can get back on the head only from the outside.

hair dye at home

After applying the product feeling the negative impact the parasites try to go away from the hearth. Of course, not everyone can do that, but after the first application up to 10-15% of parasites can survive.

Hydrogen peroxide actively affects lice - their skin and the respiratory tract. Another question, how can nits be killed? Getting rid of nits with just the hair dye is not possible at all. Why? Because the hydrogen peroxide destroys secret, using which the attachment of the eggs to the hair is performed. Protective coating on colored hair remains intact and if you do not remove the egg physically, then after a while you can rediscover the presence of ‘newborn’ parasites.

Tip! Getting rid of the eggs can be achieved by passing a comb through his hair, comb it well.

Choosing hair dye

Choosing hair dye

These days beauty market orgy various types of hair dyes of different hair dye brands. Helpful and considerate products that do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, are not effective in dealing with this issue. Products with ammonia composition are quite harmful to the hair and scalp of the human and skin in general. Hydrogen peroxide does not affect the human health so much, but the cost of such products is the highest.

killing lice

If you find a product with the hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, then - it can really help (though not completely) to get rid of the blood-sucking parasites. To let the product really help you in this matter, you should observe the following rules: dosage, the rules of use. Be sure to follow the dosing preparation for application to the hair. Before coloring, check that hair is clean and combed. Do not use this product with over the shelf life: you will not have any effect at all, and even, on the contrary, there may be negative effects: redness and itching. After coloring, use the comb for getting rid of lice.

Use this product in conjunction with other drugs to get rid of lice. If you only dye your hair, the lice problem will not be solved for 100%.

hair dye affects lice

Thus, on the basis of the foregoing it may be concluded that the use of dye as a mean for destroying parasites is irrational, but if it is combined with medication therapy, the effect will be guaranteed. If you have parasites, you should immediately to think about solving the problem in a rational way. Everything has its pros and cons, but the main thing is to find the right method and use it correctly.

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