Does pregnancy cause stomach ache?

Lower abdominal pain during the first months of pregnancy is very common. However, the causes of this pain can be very diverse. Some of them are harmless and don't bring any special concern while others are a serious threat to the pregnancy.

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The belly during pregnancy becomes the object of attention of the expectant mothers. They can panic if they have any discomfort in the abdomen. However, before you get upset, you need to understand the causes of the pain in the abdomen during pregnancy. Lower abdominal pain can be of varying intensity, character, irradiation and other concomitant symptoms. Abdominal pain accompanies every pregnant woman at a particular time and is not always pathological.

Unfortunately, even with the detailed article on what these or those symptoms can mean, it is unlikely to understand what is happening. Also, in some cases, it is crucial that treatment be commenced as early as possible. Therefore, any doubts and any discomfort should become for you alarming signal; it is time to contact your gynecologist.

However, we will tell you about the possible causes of abdominal pain in early pregnancy, so you know what to expect and what is best to do in a given situation: to get to the doctor yourself or call an ambulance.

Physiological pain

Fortunately, in most cases, abdominal pain in early pregnancy are physiological in nature. Such pain usually doesn't cause much inconvenience, almost imperceptible, not amplified. In some cases, not only the abdomen hurts but also the waist.

Why does stomach ache in early pregnancy? Firstly, pain may occur a week after conception when a woman may not even know anything about her pregnancy. During this period, the fertilized egg embeds itself in the endometrium. The microscopic mucosal and sometimes a blood vessel damage can cause pain and even slight bleeding. Usually a couple of drops.

A woman rarely pays attention to these sensations, as they are very similar to the common premenstrual syndrome.

In the first month of pregnancy, stomach hurts for other reasons. In particular, hormonal changes, the increasing the amount of progesterone in a woman's blood can cause pain. Also, since the first days of pregnancy other changes can occur: ligaments stretch, shifting the center of gravity of the body and so on. All this can also be felt by pain in the abdomen.

All of this is harmless and does not require medical intervention. However, just in case you can to go to the doctor, as in more alarming situations, the syndromes can be very similar.

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Pathological pain in early pregnancy

Unfortunately, the stomach can ache for less innocuous reasons. For example, missed abortion.

Sometimes, for various reasons fetal development stops and the fetus dies. Of course, in this case, the body rejects it, which causes contractions of the uterus, and, consequently, pain in the lower abdomen. In this case, the pain is sharp, it gets worse, and is likely to bleed.

Well, nothing can be done here. The doctors should verify that there arere no particles of the fetus left in the uterus and, if necessary, to scrape the lining of the uterus. The woman is left to hope for a new pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

No less sad is the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. In some cases, the fertilized egg gets into the uterus but gets fixed in one of the fallopian tubes. Pretty quickly it reaches a size that exceeds the diameter of the pipe and begins to inflate it. This process causes a painful sensation. Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by a large set of symptoms: pain is localized in a particular place, the tearing of the organ causes the excessive bleeding, severe pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting. You cannot restore the fallopian tube if it explodes. Regardless of whether it was possible to detect the pathology at the right time, or the doctors have to eliminate the consequences of tubal rupture, it is unlikely to avoid the surgery. Only in very rare cases, it is possible to use drugs for medical abortion when doctors detect ectopic pregnancy at a very early date and size of the ovum is minuscule.

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The risk of miscarriage

The bottom of the stomach can hurt if there is a threat of miscarriage. Under this awful title hides no less terrible process: detachment of the ovum. Depending on the strength of the detachment, there can be different symptoms.

You can experience sharp pain which is worse in the lower abdomen, bleeding from little pinkish spots to abundant bright secretions. The pain and bleeding can happen simultaneously.

If you detect such symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance. Then go to bed and rest while waiting for the arrival of the doctor. There's no need to panic. If you start treating it at the right time you can usually save the pregnancy. No need to fuss and pack, no need to put the hot-water bottle or ice to the stomach. You can take some ibuprofen.

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Luteum cyst

Yellow body is one of the organs formed in the woman's body to maintain pregnancy. It develops in place of the bursting follicle. The purpose of this body is the production of progesterone in the early months of pregnancy until the formation of the placenta. In some cases, the development of the yellow body is not quite right, it accumulates fluid and becomes too big in size. In this case, there's the luteum cyst. However, it is rarely harmful to the pregnancy.

This condition can also cause pulling pain in lower abdomen. Usually, the pain will be localized in a particular place, but it is rarely strong. This pathology does not often require intervention, although the accurate diagnosis is not superfluous, as some recommendations for women who are diagnosed with a cyst of a yellow body.

It is vital to avoid physical exercises: long hiking trips, lifting, playing sports. Even rough sex with husband can cause rupture of the cyst. In the case of separation, the symptoms will be similar to those described in the section on ectopic pregnancy, because in both cases there is a profuse internal bleeding.

Visit a doctor!

The disease can be not gynecologic

Conditions such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, appendicitis, and so forth, can cause pain. Each can develop alone and may occur on a background of pregnancy.

If you think about it, the lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy can be caused by bloating. At the beginning of pregnancy, intestinal disorders are the very frequent companion of women. In this case, can only advise reconsidering your diet. If you have a stomach ache at the beginning of pregnancy, do not immediately panic, it is better to calm down, and as quickly as possible see the doctor. If the pain is not severe, there's no bleeding, and there are no other unpleasant symptoms, it is possible to go to the hospital and find everything out.

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