Does regular sex makes pregnancy healthier?

Pregnancy is not an easy time for both future parents. Actually it is not a disease but not all kinds of activity are recommended while pregnancy. What about sex? Find the answer here.

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This question disturbs many future parents, especially if they have to give birth for the first time.

We should make a long story short. Regular sex during pregnancy is not only POSSIBLE, but it is NECESSARY!

However, except some cases which we will discuss later sex makes pregnancy happier and healthier.

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Psychologists and medical professionals agree that regular sex pregnancy advantage is that it is the key to its prosperous course. Why?

First, the mother receives both pure and physical pleasure: she's happy because of the endorphins that are produced in her body. Her child is also happy because he gets pleasant emotions from the mother.

Second, the family will not need to make a break for pregnancy, and it is possible to live a full life because now you don't need to worry about contraception: relax and have fun.

Third, sex for pregnant is the best exercise for the muscles of the uterus, which prepares them for the upcoming birth.

However, there are times when sexual relations are going to have to cancel until better times. Let's look at all three periods of pregnancy from the perspective of permissibility or prohibition regarding sexual relations.

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Regular sex in the first trimester of gestation benefits

This option is entirely possible, however, has some nuances. In this period, the woman learned of her pregnancy, suffering morning sickness (and all that is connected with it), worrying (often unmotivated) for the child, often arbitrarily rejects any attempt by her husband to intimacy. So very often in the first-trimester sex in most cases is absent. But that doesn't mean to make love to a woman. However, if there is a threat of misfortune or previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage, then stop physical pleasures for some time. But it does not mean that kissing and other caresses are banned.

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Regular sex during the second trimester of pregnancy benefits

This is the most original time for pregnant couples. The body and the mother's consciousness become accustomed to the new status of hormones, the morning sickness passed. The belly is not so big to be uncomfortable, on the contrary, the husband finds it very sexy. Now the woman begins to “go crazy.” Many pregnant women describe this period as the brightest regarding sexual relations. They note that they experience more intense and long lasting orgasms than before pregnancy, and often multiple orgasms. Orgasm are accompanied by uterine contractions, but for a fetus, it's not scary.

Of course, if you have multiple pregnancies, the doctor will tell you when sex is possible, and what not to do.

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Regular sex in the third trimester of gestation benefits

A late-term sexual relationship is an excellent prenatal training and preparing the birth canal women to hour “X.” The presence of prostaglandins has a significant role to open the cervix. During sexual intercourse in the last months of pregnancy, the man can not harm a child because the baby is protected by amniotic fluid, placenta, and uterus, and from the vagina by the cervix and the mucous plug clogged.

However, at this time, some positions are not very comfortable, and some are impossible. Therefore it is necessary to experiment and choose something most appropriate for this condition. By the way, some doctors suggest having sex as a soft onset of labor at 39-40 week.

As we already mentioned, hormones of the prostaglandins contained in the semen of men, soften the cervix, making it more elastic. Thus it reduces the risk of damage during the passage of the child during childbirth.

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When do you have to stop sex during pregnancy?

So, in any case, you can't make love if there is a threat of spontaneous abortion or miscarriage were observed in previous pregnancies. If a woman at least a slight bleeding or has unusual discharge. If one of the partners has a  venereal disease. If a woman is waiting for two or even three kids at once. If a weak position or placenta previa is stated and the woman is prescribed bed rest.

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