Does sleeping burn calories?

Every person is engaged by any activity during the day. Somebody works, somebody studies, others are looking after the house and children. Anyway, all these activities are directed to burn calories, because even when you have rest energy is spent on the functioning of the body. Do you know how many calories are expended during sleep? Read more about this - in this article.

Does sleeping burn calories?

  So, the human body - it is an incredibly complex system that mantains constantly in the process of life. Even at rest in us there is a huge number of processes which also require energy costs. For example heart pumps blood, the brain, lungs work, a stomach digests food and so on. Even when the person sleeps and at all does nothing and doesn't move, the expense of calories proceeds.

  So, how many calories you need to lose weight, certainly knows someone who has set itself the aim of a slender figure. There are certain norms, and it is for everyone. But this is not about that. Many people wonder, what happens when a person is asleep. The body in fact continues to work, with some processes at night only activated, so that you can lose weight in a dream.

Pay attention:

  Joking aside, but even at night the calories burned by the body! Namely - one hour of sleep a person of average build burns about 60-70 calories. For example, if you are having a nightmare, then the stress will be more consumption. That's how many calories burned per hour of sleep!

  But in this case, if the dream a strong, healthy and deep. That is, up to 8 hours of sleep, you can spend up to 560 calories, which is a lot. But if you are a good bedtime refreshed and tight, the energy consumed and will not go away in the deposition of extra kilos.

  So do not forget about proper healthy sleep and not gain weight!

  Swedish experts have proven that sleep deficit affects the production of ghrelin - the hormone of hunger. In sleepy people congestion control decreases dramatically, as a result they may consume the food at 40% more than necessary.


To lose weight in a sleep, you need to follow the recommendations of the World Organization of Sleep Medicine:

  Observe the culture of sleep - try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Do not indulge yourself a long morning bliss at the weekend - on the eve of a better sleep for 1-2 hours early or take them during an afternoon nap.

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