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Had unprotected sex, but pulled out? Learn if sperm dies, when it hist the air.

Many people who want to prevent undesirable pregnancy ask several questions. For example, if couple practices the interrupted sexual intercourse and sperm incidentally gets on genitals, it can cause concern. People also ask a question: can sperm become the pregnancy reason if it has got on clothes or underwear? The answer to these questions is rather simple. Let's learn some facts about it.

Does sperm die when it hits the air?

Does sperm die when it hits air?

How many time can the spermatozoon "survive", when it get to external environment? In a vagina, sperm cell life span is rather short. If it made the further way, it remains alive and active nearly a week.

At the same time, sperm life on air is very short. This circumstance should be considered by couples, which aren't planning conception. In these case lifetime of sperm is only several hours. If after sexual intercourse the man has decided to repeat process already without protection, practicing the interrupted sexual intercourse, it is necessary to carry out hygienic procedure and to wash a penis throughout before the intercourse. Otherwise, the survived spermatozoa are capable to achieve the objectives and to impregnate an ovum, especially if it is in the most fertile time.

Can sperm travel through clothes?

However, even at low temperatures and when freezing, spermatozoa keep the viability. This gives the chance to carry out procedure of a cryopreservation and to form the bank of donor sperm. In deep freezing, sperm keeps its properties for unlimited period of time, if the technology is preserved correctly.

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Can sperm travel through clothes?

One more question, which disturbs many people: can sperm pass through clothes? Sperm can filter in not changed look through a fine fabric. More dense fabrics will lead to its filtration and probably to losing of the impregnating activity. But this does not mean in any case the substitution of the condom with clothes!

Does sperm die when it hits the air?

At hit of semen on garment, sperm and spermatozoa are exposed to aggressive influence of external environment, mechanical influence and friction, a filtration through fabric. Due to the change of quantitative structure of sperm, it also loses the protective functions in relation to gametes.

Therefore, even in case of hit through clothes in a genital tract of the woman, an exhausted spermatozoon has very few chances to reach an ovum and to impregnate it.

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Let’s consider the fact ofthe probability of conception at full sexual intercourse. It usually makes only 80%. It depends on a set of various factors, such as a condition of physical and emotional health and state of partners, compatibility, time of sexual contact in relation to a menstrual phase of the woman. So the possibility of approach of pregnancy caused by a hit of sperm through clothes should not be considered as real-life at all. That’s why the answer on question “can sperm go through clothes and get you pregnant?” is “no”. But you should know that there are no 100% positive answers if we’re talking about such thing as impregnation. Everything may happen and we again advise you not to consider clothes as fully reliable sperm barrier.

Does sperm die when

Now you know what you should and should not worry about pregnancy in case if sperm hits on clothes. But to be completely confident in protection, always use a condom or other contraceptives. Remember that not only pregnancy, but also your health depends on it and using protection, you show respect to your partner above all.


Air germ cells die within about 3 hours of drying semen. So if a semen on mucous genitals, and no risk of getting pregnant. However, if there is repeated intercourse, it is still live sperm can be detected in the lubricant composition of the penis and, thus, to enter the vagina. So if you are not planning a pregnancy should be between sexual acts hygiene. It is experimentally proven that the most favourable environment for male germ cells is a human body temperature of 36-37 degrees. In a laboratory environment at a comfortable temperature and protection from drying sperm can live for about 8 days.

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