Does sweating burn fat? – 3 things sweat does to your body

Can you sweat and burn fat? Learn what the major sweating benefits are and if it can help you lose weight.

Does sweating burn fat

Sweating can be great or annoying; it all depends on how you view it! However, since our bodies have that function, we better get more understanding of what it does and why it is important.

The primary purpose of sweating:

Why we sweat? It’s a part of the cooling system for our bodies. Temperature regulation is crucial for our survival and health. If you overheat, you can easily die from it. Extreme heat kills various functions and organs of the body. For instance, overheating the male organs may lead to infertility!

The sweat glands are spread throughout your whole body, but there are the areas (such as armpits), where we have them in larger amounts. Your nervous system controls the process of sweating. When the body temperature increases, it gives glands the signal to release the sweat to cool you down.

 sweating burn fat

What can cause sweating?

Besides the temperature rise, you can start sweating, when you have various strong emotions, such as fear, sexual arousal, happiness, etc. These are tightly related to your nervous system and may cause releasing perspiration.

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 burn fat

Does sweating burn fat?

Sweating always occurs, when you do physical exercises. It’s natural since you give your muscles a load of work and your body starts producing much heat. It needs to get rid of it, and it does so through perspiration.

That is why sweating is often associated with weight loss. They say: sweat it out do shed pounds. But do you lose weight when you sweat?

The answer is yes, but it’s not that simple. You lose weight, because you lose salty water. It gets out of your body. However, you do not burn fat by sweating! There is no fat in sweat. You sort of dry up your body and see the difference, when you step on the scales, but you quickly regain that weight by drinking more water. If your goal is to burn fat, you cannot do it by sweating.


Major health benefits of sweating:

These health benefits are quite surprising. And they are awesome for your body. So, learn a few reasons why you should love it when you sweat!

  1. Sweat eases pain
    Besides releasing the salty water, the process of sweating triggers many other processes in your body. One of them is responsible for soothing the pain. Your brain starts releasing endorphins (they happiness hormones), and they make you feel good both physically and emotionally! So, sweating keeps you happy!
  2. Helps to detox
    Your body gets rid of various bad things, such as alcohol, salts, cholesterols, etc. All of these come out with the sweat. So, you sort of purge the body and get rid of the toxins.
  3. It clears the pores
    Sweat comes out through the skin and its pores. When those get clogged with sebum or dirt, you start getting blackheads or even zits. Regular sweating helps you to keep your skin healthy and acne free!
  4. Keeps you well
    Sweat kills pathogens. If you sweat regularly, you help your body to destroy such lethal germs, as tuberculose. Perspiration contains anti-germ agents that kill bacteria on your skin.
  5. It keeps your bones healthy!
    How could that be? Well, when you sweat you get rid of salts, but you keep the calcium in the body. This helps to maintain the bones and teeth strong.
  6. Keeps your kidneys healthy
    Kidney disease may be evoked by a high concentration of salts in your body and urine. When you sweat, you get rid of those salts and keep your kidneys healthy.
    Does sweating
  7. Keeps you emotionally stable
    As it was mentioned above, sweating turns on other brain processes releases happiness hormones and helps your emotions to stay in the positive!

As you see, sweating has so many unexpected health benefits. That’s why after a workout you feel so good. In the countries with the cold climate, people use saunas to go and sweat in the winter. In Nigeria, you can do it daily by just going outdoors to stay happy and healthy!

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