Does tattoo removal work?

There are many methods for removing tattoos and tattooing - chemical burning, thermal burning, cutting, abrasive grinding, etc.

tattoo removal

The most common, but no less miserable is "clogging". The spread was due to the fact that it is an affordable source of profit for tattoo artists who do not want to spend money on laser equipment, and promote the "clogging" as an acceptable way.

The only correct way to remove tattoos and tattooing, today, is laser removal.

Now in more detail.

Such methods of tattoo removal and tattoo as burning, etching, cutting, abrasive grinding, etc. it makes no sense to speak, because they do not help.

The only correct way to remove a tattoo is removal by laser. Laser removal - a method is relatively new, coherent information about it is very little.

The task is to remove the paint without damaging the stratum corneum. To solve this problem is possible only by using modern technology - laser removal.

The laser beam used for this procedure has such characteristics that it is practically doesn’t not affect healthy human skin, but it affects only those portions that are different from the skin color.

tattoo removal

Thus, through the skin, it goes almost without hindrance, without damaging it, and dyed fabric and pigment particles within the laser become very hot and due to this there is their oxidation (burning). Dyed fabric and pigment turn into "black substance", which later is "smeared" by lymph.

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An important point: "hollowing out" takes place within two months. Some salons recommend to repeat the procedure in three weeks. It is not right. Harm it will not bring the skin, but the money you pay just for a thank you.

Remnants of the destroyed pigment shield the pigment to be deleted from the laser impact and effectiveness of the procedure turns out very low. The maximum effect after the removal procedure is shown gradually for two months, and repeated procedures conducted earlier this term - a waste of money.

tattoo removal

What factors influence the effectiveness of tattoo removal.

  • Paint, which was used for a tattoo or permanent makeup. It is very difficult to remove "soot" - paint obtained by mixing soot with cologne (previously was used in the absence of high-quality paints on the market). In the sense of paint pigments which are made on the basis of metal oxides are also problematic. There is no problem to remove the majority of modern tattooing inks.
  • The depth to which paint was "hammered". The laser beam acts only on the upper (located close to the skin) of the pigment part. Only after the removal of the upper, relatively thin layer of paint, the beam can act on "the next layer."
  • Paint color has a huge impact on the effectiveness of tattoo removal. The darker the color, the easier it is to remove it. The lighter the color, the more difficult to remove it.

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