Does urine kill sperm – Unwanted pregnancy prevention tips

Need to know more about birth control? Find out if urine can really help to prevent pregnancy.

Unfortunately pregnancy is not always welcomed. It does not have to be sin. A married couple may want to enjoy intercourse, but limit the number of kids they have. It is a rather normal desire even for believers. Sex should be enjoyed between husband and wife and it does not have to end up with more babies. The question is: does urine kill sperm?

does urine kill sperm

Common pregnancy prevention myths

Sad to tell, but this just one of the common pregnancy prevention myths. Urine has no properties that can kill or damage semen and prevent the unwanted conception of a child. Even if you urinate right after the sex, it has no power to wash off the sperm out of your body. So, this method is highly ineffective and one should not rely on it to avoid the pregnancy.

unwanted pregnancy prevention

Some other similar myths include drinking a cup of water with salt or Andrews liver salt in it. This can possibly do no good for your body. However, there are other working methods (non abortive, which do not kill the baby, but prevent the conception) that can be used to enjoy safe sex.

pregnancy prevention tips

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You can find them in the article above. Of course, some of them require certain financial investment, as you need to buy the pills or other things to prevent the pregnancy. But the efficacy of such method of birth control is pretty high – over 80%.

So, does urine kill sperm? No, it is just a common myth and if you urinate and avoid getting pregnant it is a sheer luck. It has nothing to do with anatomy or science.


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Answered 1 year ago.

There are couples who decide to use emergency contraception, which protect against insemination with the help of folk remedies. But not all know how different can be people's contraception. "After sex you need to wash with own urine": This method is inefficient, also dangerous to health. It is known that urine is ammonia nitrogen, creatinine, and products of decomposition and putrefaction of proteins in the body. Just imagine all that must forever leave your body back, and even in the genitals. This is simply unacceptable and fraught with consequences. As a result of this "protection" you will only get additional problems that "lead by the handle" sexual infections.

Answered 1 year ago.
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