Does Zika cause microcephaly?

Is it true that Zika virus can cause microcephaly? Or is it just a myth made up to make people even more scared of the virus? Find out the answer here.

Zika causes microcephaly

Zika virus is one of the most talked about. Since a lot of its causes and effects are not yet known, it is the virus that people are afraid of. Given the fact that it is not explored enough yet, people spread the rumors about it to fill the gaps in their knowledge. However, as scholars claim not all of the facts spread about the Zika virus are true.

It has become known that Zika virus causes microcephaly. Trusted sources explain that microcephaly is “a medical condition in which the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than average head.” Therefore, people that state that Zika virus causes such a birth defect as microcephaly believe that a bite of a female mosquito in Brazil can result in developed microcephaly.

This statement is, in fact, right. If a woman was bitten by an infected mosquito during her pregnancy, her baby is likely to have Zika virus and be born with microcephaly in the long run.

However, World Health Organization states that some people believe that the preventive measures that world’s leading medical organizations took may result in further spread if microcephaly among newborns as well as the cause of severe brain defects.

Zika cause microcephaly

This cannot be true. The mosquitos that were released by the medical authorities in the forests of Brazil are genetically modified. These mosquitos contain a special infection that makes their offspring die soon after their birth. This was done as an attempt to prevent further Zika virus spread.

However, since only female mosquitos bite people, no harm can be done by genetically modified male mosquitos despite the raising concerns of people. Medical authorities ask people to stop the panic and support them in their attempts to stop the virus on its way to massive destruction.

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Microcephaly can be caused by Zika virus, but it can only be got from an infected female mosquito.

Zika cause birth defects

The medical organizations are working very hard to find a cure to this disease as the complications it causes are horrible and great in number. So that you know here are the symptoms of the virus you should be aware of to ask for medical assistance in case any of them appear:

1.    Muscle pain

2.    Fever

3.    Headache

4.    Rash

5.    Red eyes

If you notice that any of these symptoms last for a couple of days, please consult your doctor and apply for an individual testing. The virus will stay in your blood for seven days; so if you have recently visited an area where this virus was found, and you notice that you have the symptoms mentioned above, please see your doctor.

The diagnosis can be based on the fact that a person has recently visited the area with this virus as well as long-lasting symptoms. The test is conducted on urine or blood samples of a person. The virus can be transmitted through sex or exposure to someone with the virus.

Here is what CDC recommends in this case:

“A pregnant woman with possible exposure to Zika virus from sex should be tested. Potential exposure to Zika virus from sex includes sex without a barrier to protect against infection with a partner who traveled to or lives in an area with Zika.

Zika causes brain damage

Testing blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or urine is not recommended to determine how likely a person is to pass Zika virus through sex. This is because there is still a lot we don’t know about the virus and how to interpret test results. Available tests may not accurately identify the presence of Zika or a person’s risk of passing it on.”

The treatment is quite simple. The person with Zika virus should get much rest and should not get in contact with healthy individuals. Doctors recommend them drinking much water or any other fluids as this virus is known for causing dehydration of the body. Moreover, one should not take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills until dengue is over. This way you can prevent the risk of bleeding.

Moreover, if you are taking any other medicine, you should consult your doctor to see if there are any restrictions you should be aware of when combining medications.

So far, doctors recommend staying away from the areas where Zika virus was found, especially for pregnant women. Here is a list of territories where this sort of virus was found:

•    Singapore

•    Fiji

•    Marshall Islands

•    Papua New Guinea

•    Tonga
Zika virus cause

•    Samoa

•    Cuba

•    Paraguay

•    Peru

•    Venezuela

•    United States

•    Brazil

•    Barbados

•    Argentina

•    Aruba

•    Haiti

•    Jamaica

•    Guatemala

•    El Salvador

•    Costa Rica

•    The Bahamas, etc.

If you have planned a vacation to one of these areas, you may consider changing the destination given the high chances of contracting the virus in the area.

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