Early signs of HIV infection

If you see these symptoms, they might be the early signs of HIV.

Early signs of HIV infection

HIV is dangerous and unfortunately so many young people in Nigeria live with high risks of getting it. If you know the early signs of the infection, you can get the timely treatment and boost your chances for survival.

7 early HIV signs:

These signs each on their own do not indicate HIV, but all together they provide a clear picture and a good reason to do the blood test.

  1. Diarrhea
    All the organs of your body react to the virus. It disarms your immune system, but the body still tries to fight it or warn you of the danger. So, the stomach reacts to it and that’s one of the early HIV symptoms. You may have an upset stomach or diarrhea, as well as nausea.

     HIV infection
  2. High temperature
    Surely most of the diseases and infections cause fever. However, HIV is different. You may have a fever for 2 to 4 weeks in a row than it gets back to normal. Over 70 percent of HIV-positive people experience such changes in the body temperature.
  3. Swelling of lymph nodes
    These nodes are the part of your immune system. The virus gets into them and causes the enlargement.

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    Early signs of HIV
  4. Sweating at night
    And not just any sweating, it’s hard sweating. You wake up in the middle of the night all wet, and the clothes are wet, and the sheets are wet, too.
  5. Pain in your head
    These might be severe and ruin your life. They make you unable to perform well and do your work. 
  6. Joint and muscle pain
    You get fits of pain in your joints or muscles. They may ache for a day, and they stop, and the pain returns periodically.

     signs of HIV
  7. Fatigue
    You constantly feel tired and exhausted, and that drives you crazy. It’s hard to function for you normally.

A combination of these symptoms may indicate your body is coping with the HIV infection. It’s time to see a doctor and run some blood tests.

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