Effects of smoking: what does it do to the body?

Are there real effects of smoking you should know about? Once you read this post, you may consider giving it up!

Effects of smoking

Many years have passed since Columbus brought tobacco to Europe from America. At first, when nobody knew what this thing really was, many rich people bought cigarettes, as smoking was considered to be stylish and appropriate to their social status. Some quick-witted salesmen sold tobacco as a cure and even physicians backed them up. Now there is much information about the effects of smoking. You can find it on Internet, in books, newspapers, magazines etc. But why do people still smoke? Is that marketing? Or they just do not take the problem seriously?

If you want to try smoking tobacco or weed, if you already do but want to give it up, read the facts set out in this article thoroughly. Almost everything has its highs and lows and smoking is not an exception. But which ones of the facts are more essential?

Effects of smoking. Nothing but the truth

1. Effects of smoking cigarettes

Cigarettes can help you to wake up more quickly. Unfortunately, that is almost the only good thing they do. Tobacco (a good tobacco. And you will hardly find inexpensive cigarettes with good tobacco) can cause some euphoria but it is not so notable. Tobacco-addicted people usually smoke because they feel the need in it, they have the urge. There are some of them that like to smoke. But in majority of cases they use a good tobacco and it puts off the time they get ill. Is your health good?

If it is not and especially if you are on a high risk of cancer, do not even try. At first there will be problems with concentration, bad sleep, allergies, headaches and the “wonderful flavor” of tobacco worn into your hands, hair, mouth, cloth etc.

Not to mention the three-pack-a-day voice, apnea, problems with the heart and mind. Eventually you may develop cancer. Although cancer can happen to anyone or stay a realistic ghost story, would you really like to experience other, not so serious effects of smoking constantly? On the other hand, it is quiet unpleasant to be contingent on anything apart of its pluses and minuses.

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 what does smoking do to the body?

2. Effects of smoking weed

Weed is not as harmful as it is thought to be. The weed addiction is weaker than a tobacco one and if you really want to give up smoking weed, it is not too hard. Weed has some negative and positive aspects. For example, it helps to relax and in general has more sense than tobacco. But, of course, it has its special aspects you have to know.

For example, if you are often nervous, think twice before smoking. If you have psychiatric disorders – do the same. Any psychedelic is dangerous if it is used in a wrong way or by from a dishonest seller. Weed should not be smoked too often or if you are going to work, to drive, to study: it worsens a short-time memory so you can have problem with memorizing; the motivation also is impaired. Moreover, weed causes the addiction but, as it was said, it is not as strong and if you are not a compulsive personality, there won’t be this problem.

Another effect of smoking weed is problems with the law. Of course, it depends on the country in which you live. But if in your country weed is outlawed, be careful – or even do not try to smoke it at all.


3. Effects of smoking while pregnant

The problem with smoking while pregnant is that usually the woman does not know she is pregnant and continues to smoke. And everyone knows what can happen to a baby in that case. Illnesses, low intelligence, as a result – doctors and hospitals, sometimes the kid is doomed for life.

What is more interesting – at time the expectant mother cannot give up smoking, it is forbidden, as her child can die. She has to smoke further. If you want to have a child, give up smoking at least the year before to start a baby. It would clear your body and prepare it to the pregnancy.

Smoking is the most dangerous during the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. During this time placenta is not formed yet and all the damaging effects of smoking are not blocked from the forming body of the child. Plus, this is the time when all the essential organs and systems of the body are formed. So, a smoking mother harms her dearest person in the world – the baby and endangers their life.  

smoking pregnant

4. Smoking and the Bible

Some people point out that the Bible says nothing against smoking. They do not think God views this habit as sin. However, that’s not true. We are the temple of God. Our bodies are inhabited by His Spirit. The Word of God says that if someone destroys the temple of the Lord, he would be punished. Smoking surely destroys your body!

Here is another Scripture for you:

“All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.” (1 Corinthians 6:12)

Smoking weed or cigarettes brings you under its power! And the Bible clearly bans that!  So, now you know the truth, act upon the truth and ask the Lord to deliver you!

smoking nigerian

5. How to reverse effects of smoking

The main advice is: give it up. Even if your smoking history lasts for decades, it is still worth to end it. Think about your health; think about the money you spend on smoking every day, every month, every year. Calculate the costs to add to your motivation. Then start taking exercises, firstly easy, to rehabilitate yourself. Eat healthy food, especially the one that contains vitamin C. The addiction is especially strong at once you have given up smoking. But the longer you hold out, the less you want to smoke.

Time is almost all you need to reverse all the effects of smoking. It would be also useful to eat the products that prevent the cancer. If you do not smoke, there is no sense to try. That is just marketing, nothing more. Take good care of yourself, do not give rein to commercials.

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