Face transplant: What are the most shocking stories?

Face transplants are difficult surgeries that have many rumors and shocking stories around them. But what are the most terrifying and shocking stories about face transplants? Keep reading to find out.

Face transplant

It is hard to believe, but people that suffered from a serious injury can actually get their faces back. Well, these faces will actually be theirs, but at least the get a chance to have a face. Therefore, the scientists found out that a person that suffered from some significant injury on his/her face can get a face back from a … dead person. Yes, that’s right. Face transplants are usually taken from a tissue of a dead man or a woman whose skin was saved in an excellent condition. As a result of a long and complicated surgery, quite a lot of people on the planet got their faces back. And here are the most terrifying examples.

The first person ever to get a partial face transplant was a woman from France. She was mauled by her pet, a dog (Labrador retriever), and as a result, she lost some parts of her face and was offered to get a partial transplant. Her story with the face transplant started with her having problems in her family life. They had a few quarrels at home, and that is why the mother of two, Isabelle Dinoire, decided to take a few pills to go to sleep. For some reason, her dog started biting her in her sleep.

However, one of the daughters of Isabelle stated that her mother was about to commit suicide as a result of the unstable psychological condition. She took too many pills and was willing to commit suicide. That is when her dog entered the room and saw her on the floor. Willing to wake the master up, Labrador started licking her. After some time, as the woman did not wake up, the dog got so obsessed that started clawing her, and that is how she ended up having her face all scratched and bit.

face transplant surgery

The dog only scratched the lower parts of her nose, cheeks, and lips and left the upper part untouched. She was offered to have a plastic surgery; however, in November she got the partial face transplant. The face transplant changed her appearance, as before the surgery she had a wide nose, thin lips, and a broad chin. However, the face she received after the surgery had full lips, narrow nose, and even fuller lips. Isabelle stated that she had difficulties getting used to the way she looked like after surgery. Since the face, she had then was different, it was difficult for her to accept that she now looked differently. It took her much time to accept her appearance.

The first woman ever to get a face transplant was even offered to be filmed for a documentary. Isabelle Dinoire agreed, and the person that was going to make his film is named Michael Hughes. He came from Great Britain.

face transplant rejection

Isabelle Dinoire was the first woman that received the face transplant. However, this face transplant was partial one. However, the person that received full-face transplant was a firefighter named Patrick Hardison. This man was forty-one years old, and the surgery he got was called a record-breaking full-face surgery.

The first reason why this transplant was called record-breaking is that no person before was transplanted the eyes lids before: in the course of the accident where he got burnt, Patrick got his eyes damaged severely and lost his eyesight. Therefore, eyelids transplant was essential to his normal life functioning. The other reason for calling this surgery record-breaking was that in the view of the amount of the skin that was transplanted by the surgeons no other operation of this scale was ever known.

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The total cost of the operation was estimated up to $850,000 or maybe even more according to other calculations. The former firefighter had to wait for almost a year to get an absolutely matching donor for him, as Patrick needed to get a face transplant from someone with the same blood type, skin shade and color of the hair, which is not always easy to find. The doctors involved a non-profit organization to search for donors for people that applied for a face transplant. The donor happened to be a cyclist who got into an accident and was brain dead for a few weeks. Few hours after the doctors pronounced the guy dead, Patrick Hardison was asked to come to the hospital, as a team of professionals was preparing his face for the transplant and the face of the donor.

face transplant firefighter

The face transplant phenomenon is often connected in the minds of people with the possibility of its rejection. That is why it takes doctors the long time to operate on the patients that want to get a face transplant. The full face transplant surgery lasts for almost 27 hours. After that, Patrick Hardison came back to his senses having an absolutely new face. It is interesting that the guy whose parents gave the permission for letting him be the donor after his death always wanted to be a firefighter just like Patrick was.

By the way, Patrick got injured during his service as a firefighter in Mississippi. He was a father of three and a loving husband. Moreover, he was a brave man and a conscious citizen. He was on his duty one day in 2001 when he entered a house that was burning to take a woman from it. The moment he entered it the roof fell on him, and he got severely burnt.

a man with the face transplant

As a result, the man lost both of his ears, as well as eyelids and consequently eyesight. The burns also took his hair lips. His life after the accident turned into a nightmare: he was hardly able to lead a normal life. The doctors performed at least seventy different surgeries on Patrick Hardison within the last ten years. Nevertheless, being not able to see properly through a small hole left for him made his life unbearable.

Now the former firefighter has an ability to live normally, see, breathe and has his hair back. He looks completely differently and says that all the years of waiting as well as the risks of going through the face transplant surgery were totally worth it.

These are the most shocking stories of a man and a woman with the face transplant. They turned to their normal life thanks to the invention and advances of the science in this field. You can google to learn more about their life and reflections on the use and risks of the face transplants. Stay safe and healthy!

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