Girl in a bowl: How is it like to live without limbs?

A few people in the world can imagine how it is to live without limbs. Unfortunately. There is a girl in Nigeria who has been leading such a life for over nineteen years already. Have you ever heard about this brave girl? If not, then read more information in our article.

Rahma Haruna

Who is Rahma Haruna?

This girl`s destiny is very tragic. All her life Rahma Haruna has been living without limbs. Now she is nineteen. Rahma lives in Kano in Nigeria. She has neither legs nor arms. Her constant home is the cheapest bowl made of plastic. And she is suffering from chronic pain every second of her life. Is such a life worth while living?

Rahma`s family about illness

Rahma Haruna lives in a bowl

The brave Rahma`s parents explained that their daughter was born without limbs. The doctors explain this tragic phenomenon as an unknown medical anomaly. Its causes are not currently known.

The girl`s mother says that her beloved daughter has been continuously suffering from a huge chronic pain. At the age of six month Rahma started experiencing unknown hurtful symptoms of a secrecy condition. And it was exactly at that age, when the girl`s father realized that his daughter`s growth had been underdeveloped. Therefore, this unknown illness became the reason why Rahma is limbless.

Rahma Haruna and her brother

Fadi, Rahma`s mother, regretfully states that when her daughter got to know how to sit, her illness began. After that Rahma never knew how to crawl. Everything started from just a fever. Then her stomach ached and that was all.  


Injured Rahma Haruna knows that only her family members can help transporting around. To make her moving as painless as possible they use a simple plastic bowl where the girl sits. This work is usually done by Rahma`s younger brother Fahad. He is always glad to be a driver for his older sister, because he loves her very much.

Limbless Rahma Haruna

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Fahad explained us that he always liked to assist his beloved sister in everything she needed. He bathes her every day, feeds and walks with Rahma.

Rahma Haruna and Fahad


Everyone in Kano knows Rahma. They all realize how painful it is for the girl to live like that. Therefore, everybody tries to do his best to make her like happier and easier. We wish her much health and happiness in life! God bless you, Rahma Haruna!  

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