Green tea lemonade for weight loss: What is the best recipe?

Green tea lemonade is a drink rich in antioxidant compounds, vitamins and minerals that support metabolic functions and thus contribute to the fight against obesity.

Green tea lemonade

In recent years, many people have realized that overweight and obesity is not only unsightly but also dangerous, as it significantly increases the risk of serious diseases. As a result, every year more and more people start watching their weight and trying to get rid of unwanted fat.

Some people diet just to maintain a slim body, while others understand that this is a question rather of health than beauty. That's why there is a vast number of methods of fighting against excess weight. Among them, there are those who don't torment the body with restrictions. These include natural dietary supplements that increase metabolic processes in the body and help to increase energy consumption to reduce the accumulation of fat.

One such product is green tea. It's a plant which takes leading positions in the ingredient list for weight loss for many years. The efficacy of green tea can be improved by adding lemon juice, honey, and cinnamon. So you get an excellent drink for weight loss, and this lemonade looks great in any diet.

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Green tea

Green tea is good for the immune system, it also positively affects nervous and cardiovascular systems. It is rich in caffeine, which tones and invigorates the body during the day,  and acts much more delicately than coffee. Green tea contains many antioxidants which are very beneficial to the body, improves the condition and color of the skin, improves digestion. Antioxidants rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. With the regular use of green tea, you will notice how your skin looks young and the wrinkles disappear. Among the many types of tea, green tea is the most efficient for weight loss. It improves metabolism, accelerates the metabolic processes and removes toxins and wastes from the body. Thus, the weight is reduced in a natural way without harming health and even with advantage. It is also great that the green tee triggers the weight loss not only due to the improved metabolism. Green tea removes excess fluid from the body due to the mild diuretic action. To enhance the effect, you can add a little milk, preferably skim. One of the properties of green tea is reducing blood sugar and reducing appetite, which is crucial in the process of weight loss.

green tea


Lemon has an enormous amount of vitamin C which helps to cope with the cold, and other vitamins contained in citrus. Lemon stimulates metabolism, saturating the body with essential elements, without which losing weight without harm to the body is impossible. The acid, also contained in the composition, tends to improve the digestive system and to remove all the excess from the body, in particular, the accumulated toxins and wastes. Pectin and organic acids contribute to the breakdown of fat cells, therefore, doing physical exercises and at the same time using the citrus for weight loss will make the process of fat reduction go several times faster! Essential oil of lemon can reduce appetite. So if you will eat at least a slice of fruit in the morning, you will not want to eat during the day. And this is perhaps the most important thing for weight loss. Successfully controlling hunger is possible only in the case that you don't want to eat! It is worth noting the low calorie this magical fruit. Lemon has only 31 calories Per 100 grams, therefore, in one piece of lemon, there are no more than five calories. Therefore you'll get very little calories, but lots of benefits!

Lemons for weight


Despite the high caloric content, the use of natural bee products significantly speeds up the fat burning process. The studies have shown that the inclusion of honey in the diet promotes faster weight loss. There are the numerous reviews of women who used honey for weight loss and they claim that just in one month you can effortlessly lose up to 8 pounds. What is the secret of this eating honey for weight loss? First, it contains a large number of useful for the organism amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fructose, which promote the metabolism, improve digestion of food, actively remove harmful substances, well strengthen the human immune system. Secondly, this natural product is a blessing for candy lovers, who decided to lose weight, as it improves mood and increases resistance to stress.

Honey in diet


Cinnamon reduces the glucose level in blood and normalizes the production of insulin. As you know, our extra pounds are often the consequences of excessive accumulation of glucose. But regular consumption of cinnamon helps our body to properly and efficiently digest the sugar so that it doesn't harm our figure. Plus, cinnamon keeps the proper level of glucose in blood and is very useful for type 2 diabetics. Cinnamon activates metabolism and normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract. With the use of cinnamon, intestine receives the constant stimulation, not burdening our bodies with unneeded clusters. Well-functioning metabolism is one of the primary conditions for weight loss. Cinnamon blunts hunger for a long time, it saturates and reduces appetite. And this also affects the rate of weight loss.

Cinnamon in diet

So, the recipe for the green tea lemonade

Ingredients: one liter of water, two lemons, four green tea bags, two tablespoons of natural honey (50 g), one tablespoon of cinnamon (10g).

The method of preparation

  • Pour water into a saucepan, put on fire and boil it.
  • While the water is warming, carefully wash the lemons and grate some of the zest to add it to the pan with the water. Squeeze the lemon juice.
  • When the water boils, cook lemon zest on low heat for 5 minutes.
  • Then remove the broth from heat, add tea bags and ginger.
  • Cover and allow to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Then add the lemon juice and honey.
  • Put the finished lemonade into the fridge for about two hours to become cold.
  • After this time strain the drink.
  • The drink will be appetizing, and you can enjoy it 2-3 times a day.

What do you need to keep in mind?

Despite the fact that this lemonade is a detox product, and it can help you to cope with the extra weight, it is necessary to understand that it is not enough. The effect is achieved only in the case if you adhere to a balanced diet low in calories and fat. So if you continue to eat all kinds of snacks and semi-finished products with sugars and saturated fats in the composition, the lemonade will not help, even if you drink it every day. Also, do not forget that the body will need the extra moisture, namely 6-7 glasses of water a day. Plenty of fluids is a key factor in the fight against excess weight and detoxify the body.

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