Have scientists discovered a new origin of malaria?

Malaria is one of the major killers in Africa. Have the scientists discovered its new origin? Find out now.

New researches, which consider malaria questions, have been conducted recently. Initially people thought that this is a modern disease. But it has appeared not so. According to scientists, this infection could exist already more than 8 million years ago. They say even successors of dinosaurs probably had it too.

Malaria death toll

It is the illness, which is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. However, there are also hereditary types of this infection, but they can be met extremely seldom.

Now scientists think how animals could survive and develop after this disease.

 new origin of malaria?

As the illness breeds at insects, vertebrate animals don’t become its carriers. It is considered that Gregarinida is the first source of an illness. This is a parasite. It existed in protozoa and could infect insects, which extend the infection today.

Have scientists opened a new malaria?

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Malaria death toll is quite high. According to World Health Organization, about 40% of the Earth population is exposed to risk of malaria.

malaria in Nigeria

Annually more than 500 million people get sick with illness in a severe form. The majority of cases of diseases and death occur in the countries of tropical Africa. Malaria in Nigeria is also widespread.


The figures quite horrific . If you think about it, almost half the world's population may be ill for malaria . It's horrible. Besides the fact that malaria spread by mosquitoes , is that the disease is inherited and can be passed ? But how ?! In addition, the disease may be subject to various mutations and no drug treatment and . So not only can be killed and half the population and a large part . That's horrible. Doctors need to do something , such as to deal with it , because humanity needs to be healthy and not get sick !

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