Healthy recipes: what to eat before the gym?

A lot of people all over the world follow the healthy eating plan, but they face a piquant question - what to eat before the gym?

Fine meal

Everyone of us, of course, wants to get a maximum of their active operations in the gym. And eating prepares the body for the upcoming stress, maintains energy levels, endurance, and performance. The main thing - to refuel quality fuel and make it in time.

As we know, food is a source of energy and essential nutrients for life, and the process of eating is obtaining them. But there is healthy and harmful food as well.  Here you can find some advice about the food.

It’s necessary to give up fatty, starchy and too sharp foods. Our body needs sweet, but do not take these words as a guide to action. This does not mean that cream cake or a box of chocolates are very healthy for your body. It will be much better to eat some honey, fruit, dark chocolate, and dried fruits.


Basics of good nutrition mean exclusion from the diet sweet drinks: they not only surpass the level of sugar but also the number of preservatives and dyes that they contain exceeds the allowable. You should also abandon from alcohol, especially beer. Saying "no" is necessary and unrestricted consumption of acute and salty chicken wings, salted nuts, chips, and crackers.

Do not eat at night, especially junk food: the stomach does not like to work in this time of day, he, too, need to rest.

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But what should we eat before going to gym?

Wrong nutrition before and after going to the gym can not only cause discomfort during the training but also do them useless and harmful.  You should eat at least 60-90 minutes before starting the training process. It is not recommended to attend training on an empty stomach. But full stomach will prevent the full implementation of exercises, you may also face such problems as reflux of food contents, vomiting, and decreased endurance.


Approximately 70% of the energy that you will receive before going to the gym should be taken from carbohydrates, but you should choose foods with a low glycemic index: oatmeal, vegetables, sweet potatoes, instead of chocolates and cookies. Protein is also very important your muscles not to disintegrate during the training. Fats are digested much longer, so before training is necessary to eat fat as little as possible.

Leading fitness trainers recommend eating one hour before the gym workout some grain bread or a fruit, or sandwich with cheese, drink juice or a glass of tea. The main rule is always to have a breakfast. Otherwise, your training will be useless.

Here is a small list of products that combine protein and carbohydrate. You can change these options, depending on your taste preferences:

•    Poultry meat (turkey, chicken breast) with a coarse bread or rice or pasta

•    Lean fish with potatoes

•    Lean meat with potatoes or pasta

•    Eggs porridge

•    Cottage cheese with bread

Healthy and tasty

The portion of food that you eat should be small,  as the average breakfast. If you do not feel a sense of heaviness in the stomach and filling to the top of the training, so the amount of food was normal.

If prolonged exercise is coming, it is necessary to add carbohydrate menu. If you plan to strength training, it is necessary to add more protein. Here are our suggestions.

•    Oatmeal

•    Omelet with vegetables

•    Holubtsi from turkey

•    Classic dinner of bodybuilder - baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli

So useful

•    Cottage cheese with fruit

•    Homemade protein bars

•    Yogurt with berries

•    A protein cocktail with coffee

•    Almond oil

•    Nut mix

Suitable nutrition plays a huge role in sports, endurance, and recovery. The Proper pre-workout meal will help you get everything possible from exercise. 

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